Art Expression: Be Free, Beautiful

 The Yoke of Bondage Mars Your Beauty - ModelMeGirl

If you created a list of the different things that mar a girl’s beauty, where would you begin your countdown? I would list 6 Things That Mar a Girl’s Beauty. Why six? Because it’s an imperfect number, just one digit shy of 7—God’s perfect number. Something marred is far from perfect.

Number 6 – The Yoke of Bondage

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Somewhere along the way, those of us who have experienced the salvation of Jesus Christ, forget we are free indeed. Old habits creep in. So do old friends who mean us no good, exes, and the old way of looking at the world. We hold tainted perspectives dear to our hearts. We forget we are a new creature. Family and friends who do not understand our newness in Christ plead with us to attempt to make us feel sorry and ashamed for being saved with, “I miss the old you. I miss how you used to be.”

Boo hoo. She doesn’t live here anymore. In fact, ladies, our response should be, “The old me is dead to sin.” Those of us who are weak, fall for it, and try to please the flesh of man by conforming to the ways of the world; taking up idolatry, and holding onto man-made doctrines, just to get accepted by people who don’t like the image of Christ shining from within us.

Enter the yoke of bondage.

And then there’s doctrinal errors that we will spill blood over. The doctrines of devils— things we are fed and taught, that is not of the Word of God. Man’s opinion preached as salvation—who are too high-minded to admit they are wrong in their teaching. Who believe that by putting more on you than God, they are somehow “protecting” you, or that you are showing how saved you are, when indeed it is nothing but control. Being lords over God’s heritage, as though the people of God belong to them and not to Christ.

We end up following man’s rules, traditions, ideas and opinions just for a little praise, out of ignorance, and failure to study the Word. As a result, we take on a Pharisee spirit and look down on others who do not conform to what our preacher told us. Never mind what the preacher said didn’t come from the Bible, or that it’s his own private interpretation, and not the revelation of the Holy Ghost. Or that those “rules” do not apply to his household. Just to yours and the rest of the church family. Can we spell out the word, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E together?

Enter the yoke of bondage.

We put on a show. An image. A form of godliness, just to look more saved to people, but are so wayward and lost inside. We do not fool God. We become a slave to our own masquerade ball.

We forget that God gave us freedom. Not to do as we please, but to please Him; and the love and faithfulness to obey His Word—because we desire to, and we desire Him.

Why do we fall for the man-created system, which dupes us into thinking outward appearances and vain, self-glorying performances add value to the price of salvation?

“What will the “church” think if I…?”

What about, “What will God think if I…?” Do you see the bondage? Instead of being concerned about what God will think, say, or do, we focus on what people MAY think, say, or do. We become slaves to man, and begin to worship the opinions and praise of men.

Enter the yoke of bondage.

Sometimes we cannot contend for the faith like we should because we’re contending for man’s attention and approval. We cannot be about our Father’s business because we’re in everybody else’s; worrying what others think about our own. We don’t go to the Word of God or prayer when in trouble. We go to our friends first. If it isn’t about God, the “I cannot make it without you in my life” mentality is bondage.

Enter the yoke of bondage.

Any thing, person, idea, or rule that is imposed upon you that is not in agreement with what the Word of God tells you to do to be saved and stay saved, will attempt to place a yoke upon your neck that you cannot carry. You can become entangled, not realizing that you really are free. Once entangled, you become enslaved.

The yoke of bondage mars our beauty. It makes us ugly, because it confesses to God we do not have faith in Him alone—like we’re supposed to. We betray our hearts and Him by trying to do things to earn salvation, as if repentance, baptism in water in the name of Jesus, and receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues is not good enough (Acts 19:5-6). There must be more, we think. Because man said…

Are you free?

John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

Be free, beautiful. And while you’re free, use your liberty for good and not as license to sin to willfully abuse God’s goodness and grace. Yes, God gave us free will. And then He gave us freedom—only to those whom the Son, Jesus Christ, has made free. Were you MADE free?