How to Wear a Tichel/Mitpachat


So what’s a tichel or mitpachat? It’s a head scarf or head covering traditionally worn by married Jewish women. Well, I’m not Jewish by decent, and I’m not married, but I do believe in covering my head when I pray; and I like nice head scarfs, turbans, headbands, veils, hats, etc. Okay, so I like hair accessories.

I’m on this kick where I like learning new ways to tie a scarf. A cute scarf or hat can be a girl’s best-friend on a bad hair day.

Cover Your Hair has a plethora of hair accessories. I have a couple of scarves I got from Israel that I’ve been playing around with. You don’t have to travel far to get a nice scarf. There’s also the option to make your own with fabric from a craft and fabric store—no super sewing skills required.

Enjoy this video from on how to wear a tichel/mitpachat.

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