The Doctrine of Sex in Teen Magazines, Part 1

Is this thing on? Welcome to the Model Me Girl Open Mic, where I’ll be dishing out random rants, commentary and topics that are on my heart and mind—hence, open mic.

Today’s open mic will be the first in a series titled: The Doctrine of Sex in Teen Magazines.

Doctrine: a teaching; rule or principle based on beliefs, ideas, theories or policies that is taught as truth.

A recent war has been waged by girls against ‘Teen Vogue’. Quite a few girls want to see realism—girls who look like them versus digitally altered “perfection”. ‘Teen Vogue’ is not the first magazine to come under fire by its targeted audience. I’m certain it won’t be the last, either. We know all those images of unattainable—or if only you can afford it—beauty are depressing and damaging to some girls’ self-esteem.

There’s something deeper that should be considered beyond the images portrayed in the typical teen magazine. I get clothes. I get beauty and style tips. Maybe it’s me, but I take issue with hypersexualized teen magazines. Under 18, they are still children, right? If I had a teen daughter, I wouldn’t want her reading much of the advice that comes across those pages or posts. Digital. Traditional. It doesn’t matter. Continue Reading