Get Organized: Beauty Organizers and Trays

It’s time to get organized with beauty organizers and trays. I like the idea of an organization system that has hierarchy — making everything accessible and visually appealing. I have plenty of makeup bags of various sizes and styles for storage. Apart from being travel friendly, depending on the style of the bag, things seem to get lost at the bottom. Eyeliner tops come off, marking up the inside of the bag. I can’t get to my favorite NYX concealer because it rolled to the bottom during the journey down the hall.

Beauty Organizers and Trays

Thankfully there are plenty of organizers and trays for your at-home beauty needs. There’s bold and colorful, clear acrylic, wood, metal and everything in between to suit your style.

There are many items you can use to organize beauty products, tools and essentials. A vase or cute toothbrush holder can be converted into storage for makeup brushes. You can also re-purpose kitchen organizers, like spice racks and drawer organizers, for your beauty needs. Breakfast and serving trays make wonderful vanity trays.

Feeling a little crafty? You can make a tiered makeup tray on the cheap with dollar store goodies.

When you’re not in DIY, Pinterest generating mood, many stores, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, offer organizers and trays specific to beauty and makeup storage.



DIY: Tiered Makeup & Accessories Storage

Model Me Girl

Oh yes you can! Why spend out the big bucks for something you can easily make yourself? You can assemble this tiered makeup and accessories storage with dollar store items. If you use your creativity, this project doesn’t have to be limited to bathroom storage.


  • Glue (like e6000)
  • Candle Holders
  • Plates or Trays
*Optional* spray paint before gluing; food safe paint if you want to showcase edible or food related items


  • Center pieces
  • Apply glue
  • Place items to be glued
  • Glue and let it set
  • Repeat for each tier


DIY Tiered Organizer

Source: via ModelMeGirl on Pinterest