Sneakers with Skirts No. 1


Stir up some sneaker love with the Sneakers w/Skirts No. 1 Collection. I’ve met quite a few girls who have a sneaker with skirts phobia. Listen to me. I am here to help you; you can be healed. You no longer have to fear looking “country” in a skirt with sneakers.

The right sneaker with the right skirt CAN be cute.

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  • Make it an ensemble. It’s not JUST about the sneakers and skirt. It’s the whole shabang—purse, accessories, right attitude. You get the picture.
  • Just say no to your grandmother’s walking shoes. That’s all I needed to say.
  • Ordinarily, shop for shoes first. But when it comes to skirts with sneakers, find your skirt first. If possible, wear the skirt (with some shoes on, please) to the shoe store and try on different sneakers. Try before you buy!

If you’re looking for cute and colorful, Pastry has saucy, girly sneakers—including high-tops (which i think look good with the right skirt).

Light blue and pink always look good together. Throw some tiger print into the mix and you have now entered the “eclectic zone” —only for the daring.

Have fun and be good!

Sneakers w/Skirts No. 1

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