Sweet Classic Denim Skirt

Looking for something to satiate your sweet tooth? Go all out by pairing a classic denim skirt with sweet, candy inspired accessories. Peppermint, anyone?

Sweet Classic Denim Skirt-ModelMeGirl

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Denim Skirt Days No. 1


Hey, Model Me Girls! I don’t know about you, but I love me some denim skirts. Before God saved me, I was all about blue jeans as tight as I could find them. But when Christ redeemed me, not only did He clean me up on the inside, He literally changed my physical closet and wardrobe.

Sometimes I enjoy a cool casual look or vintage glam with my denim skirts (depending on mood and occasion). Modest denim skirts can be cute and stylish. So check out Denim Skirt Days No. 1—the first in the Denim Skirt Days Collection.


Denim Skirt Days No. 1



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The Perfect Snow Skirt


It’s time for spring break for many students across America. I love the snow, and wish I got more of it where I’m from. In a perfect world, I’d be hitting the ski slopes for spring break.

You CAN stay warm in a skirt in frigid, icy and snowy conditions. The solution? A snow skirt. This is also known as a ski skirt.

There are actually quite a few snow skirts out there. Many of them are short. For you girls who would prefer your snow skirts with a little more length, check out the sites showcased below.


Toast Skirts - Snow Skirts











Snow Skirts by Fantasyworldheroes









Modest Active Wear Snow Skirts






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