Fashion Find: Messeca Pink Tie-Dye Wedge Sandal


MESSECA ‘CORALINE’ PINK TIE-DYE WEDGE in leather with wooden heel/platform from Ashbury Skies

DIY: Colored Shoe Soles

For all the DIY shoe-loving ladies, here’s a great DIY project to color the soles of your shoes. Your weapon of creativity: nail polish. Isn’t that genius?! Thank you, Fashionlushxx for this tutorial.

I always encourage people to read the comments on DIY projects. You can learn a lot of new tips and ideas that way. One commenter suggested using Mod Podge to seal the color versus a nail polish top coat. Yep, I have some Mod Podge. This is a must do. Let’s see how it turns out. Perhaps another blog post in the making…

Hop on over to the site to see the Fashionlushxx DIY Colored Soles step-by-step instructions.

DIY Colored Shoe Soles