The Doctrine of Sex in Teen Magazines, Part 1

Is this thing on? Welcome to the Model Me Girl Open Mic, where I’ll be dishing out random rants, commentary and topics that are on my heart and mind—hence, open mic.

Today’s open mic will be the first in a series titled: The Doctrine of Sex in Teen Magazines.

Doctrine: a teaching; rule or principle based on beliefs, ideas, theories or policies that is taught as truth.

A recent war has been waged by girls against ‘Teen Vogue’. Quite a few girls want to see realism—girls who look like them versus digitally altered “perfection”. ‘Teen Vogue’ is not the first magazine to come under fire by its targeted audience. I’m certain it won’t be the last, either. We know all those images of unattainable—or if only you can afford it—beauty are depressing and damaging to some girls’ self-esteem.

There’s something deeper that should be considered beyond the images portrayed in the typical teen magazine. I get clothes. I get beauty and style tips. Maybe it’s me, but I take issue with hypersexualized teen magazines. Under 18, they are still children, right? If I had a teen daughter, I wouldn’t want her reading much of the advice that comes across those pages or posts. Digital. Traditional. It doesn’t matter. Continue Reading

Be Yourself

Ladies, we have all tried to fit in with someone or somewhere. Truthfully, it doesn’t feel good when we pretend to be something we are not. Applause. Recommendation. Commendation. People pleasing to the point we forget who we are. Sad, huh?

How old were we when we started to care more about what others think of us? When did we start performing instead of just being?

When we fail to be ourselves, we lose. Others miss out on learning and loving the real us. Let me tell you, don’t ever think other people can’t tell when you’re not being the real you. When someone peeps out your inauthentic self, trust is broken. After all, who can trust someone who is never being real? To not be real is to live a lie. God wants us to maintain our integrity.

Entire relationships have crumbled because one person decided to establish them based upon a lie. “This is the self I want you to see—the self I pretend to be.” Enter obsession with self:

What will they think of me? Will they still like me?

What if they disagree with me? What if they don’t want to be my friend anymore?

All the what if’s revolve around the “little world of me.”

I just don’t believe there is happiness, contentment and peace in being wrapped up in other people’s opinions; and in denying yourself and the world of the authentic you. It’s a miserable little world for the girl who can’t keep her mind off of herself. That’s the trick. Thinking about what other people think about you equates to you focusing on yourself.

Change the Atmosphere

The entire atmosphere in a room can change by one brave soul choosing to be true to God, self and others.

Being ourselves requires becoming comfortable in our own skin—with the way God made us and how He sees us. Hello. I’m also talking about being thankful when God saves us. It is so sad to watch a girl who claims to be saved being ashamed of her salvation. But that’s a post for another time.

Being ourselves also means accepting our present circumstances, while hoping, praying, and working towards something better and brighter. Oftentimes we won’t be ourselves when we are ashamed. That’s the purpose of hiding—to cover shame.

It won’t happen overnight, but we must learn to get over the fear of rejection, mockery and indifference. When you really think about it, most other girls are trapped inside their “little world of me,” and aren’t thinking about you.

How to Be Yourself

1. We must read God’s Word consistently to be in remembrance of how beautiful and precious we are to Him. If we don’t, the adverse things and people we see around us will lull us back into a life of insecurity, shame, low-self esteem, and low-self confidence. When we feel like we don’t measure up to the expectations of the world and others, we have a tendency to fake it. It’s called wearing a mask. Please don’t.

2. Fast & pray for God’s strength to enable you to be yourself.

3. Surround yourself with people who build you up—not tear you down.

4. Choose to read and watch things that are godly and positive. What you consume with your eyes and ears feeds your heart and soul.

5. Believe and live out “It is well”—even when the present says otherwise.

Please enjoy the video, “Be Your Shoeself.” I hope it resonates with someone.

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