Loving My Life Application Study Bible


Growing up as a preacher’s kid, you better believe we had lots of Bibles, commentaries, concordances and Bible dictionaries/encyclopedias in the house.

I remember my first official bible, which was bound in red leather. I was out with my parents while they were shopping for…more Bibles. I picked out a Bible and loved it dearly. You could say I still have it—sort of. My nephew has been borrowing it for a few years.

Bibles make great gifts. A friend of mine gave a Life Application Study Bible (KJV) to me.  I have used it many times over.

My copy has gone through trials and tribulations; and it shows. The back cover is torn off. The map pages are used as bookmarks; but it’s still handy and dandy to me. In other words, it’s tattered, torn and still being used.

If you’re looking for a great study Bible, I highly recommend the Life Application Study Bible . It’s so good, you’ll use it.

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Skin Care Review: Pond’s Clarant B3


 I was bopping around Anchorage and was in serious need of a moisturizer. My beautiful brown and oily/acne prone skin had dried out from recirculated cabin air and Alaska’s so called spring. I stumbled upon Pond’s Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream by accident.

I was at one of my favorite stores—Target. The moisturizer was trial size in the travel section, cheap (under 2 bucks), and supposedly evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Continue Reading