Women on the Prowl


I haven’t posted any personal or spiritual growth posts in a while. With all that’s going on, I believe a post to the single ladies is in order; especially for the ones who seem to be desperately seeking a mate. Continue Reading

Nothing Weak About Being Meek

Some people are afraid of the word meek. Society has taught us to believe it means weak. But this worldly definition is not God’s definition.

We are taught the synonym for meek is humble. This is acceptable in our English language. However, the closest synonym for meek is actually gentle.

Since we are to model our lives after God and not the world, let’s review meek. Continue Reading

Thought for the Day: Clothing the Woman

Taming the Self-Convo: Part 2


Hey, Model Me Girls! It’s time forĀ Taming the Self-Convo: Part 2. How you talk to yourself matters. Check out Taming the Self-Convo: Part 1, if you missed it.

The Alligator Girl

Taming the Self-Convo: Part 2Have you ever watched an alligator doing a “death roll” on an animal show? Alligators do a death roll by spinning or thrashing with a large prey in their mouths, so that small chunks can be torn off the prey for consumption. Continue Reading