Pretty Like a Peacock


Did you know in the world of peacocks, the male is technically the peacock and the female is a peahen? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be called, “Pretty like a peahen.” Just doesn’t work for me. Sweet pea, maybe. Peahen, negative.

Since it’s common for us to call both sexes peacocks, let’s be Pretty Like a Peacock in this collection.

Peacocks are colorfully adorned creatures, although most are blue and green. The Pretty Like a Peacock Collection takes advantage of light blue and green, and adds gold for sparkle. Our peacock collection includes:

[list style=”star”]
  • soft blue and gold sequin tank
  • gold sequin cardigan
  • white skirt with embroidered light blue and gold peacock feather motif
  • nude strappy heels
  • gold thong sandals with crystals
  • embroidered silk peacock clutch
  • peacock feather-inspired ring and necklace

There are lots of peacock-adorned goodies out there at affordable prices. Find some pieces that fit your budget.

One more question. Can you model this style?

Pretty like a Peacock

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