Thought For the Day: Modesty Isn’t Pretentious

Model Me Girl



Foundation Garments 101: The Dreaded Slip

I read a post on the Modestly Yours blog called, “Whatever Happened to the Slip?” It’s a really good read and prompts you to think about the question. The above is the comment I left in response to the post.

Years ago, the most popular female talk show host ever talked about the slip. I remember her speaking disdain for it. To her, it was outdated and unnecessary. Needless to say, I believe her status and influence compelled a lot of women to ditch the slip.

But oh my! I have witnessed many a girl in dire need of one—in the church, on the streets, in the mall. The stars, stripes and flowers beneath the garment was VPL (visible panty line) to the max. You get the picture. Continue Reading

Sensationalized Immodesty


You see it on your TV and computer screens. It’s on the cover of most magazines in America. I’m talking about sensationalized immodesty.

The media makes letting it all hang out look glamorous. Perfumes, shampoos, and gum commercials show you can get all the greatest toys, all the finest boys, and everything in between just for showing a little more skin. Don’t forget to pop your fingers, snap your neck, tell SOMEBODY off, and party like it’s New Year’s forever. This lethal combo of skin and bad attitudes sell. Continue Reading

What is Modesty?


Class is in session, and it’s time for some Christian personal development coaching. Grab your notebooks and pencils, ladies. Let’s take a look at modesty. Continue Reading