Poised & Polished: Modest Fashion Styling for the Professional

Today’s modest fashion inspiration is about being poised and polished. The pieces in this set feature a tweed jacket and asymmetric skirt by Michael Kors, and black jacquard shell top for a more modest touch.


In This Set:

»»Michael Kors Tweed Jacket & Asymmetric Skirt (Sold Out)

»»Black Jacquard Shell Top (Sold Out)

»»Blue Nile South Sea Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

»»Céline Vintage Logo Detail Document Holder

»»Cecilia Matte laced-up oxford booties

»»Emporio Armani Swiss Made Quartz Watch

»»Balenciaga Multi Bow Money Wallet

Modest Styling: From Desk to Dinner in Ecru

Fashion that does double duty translates well from one environment to another. Nothing does this better than investment pieces that can take you from the desk to dinner. Who has time to go home for a complete make-over? Change out key pieces, like a jacket, bag and jewelry to transform your look.

From Desk to Dinner in Ecru

The Mikael Aghal satin-jacquard dress is in ecru and light brown. Ecru is a pale yellow-brown color with a grayish tone. Depending on the person, beige and ecru are considered very similar. These colors work well with gold.

In this set, a Chanel cream and sequin tweed jacket serves as a great cover-up. I’d opt for a toned-down watch for work, but pop on on a delicate gold-tone watch with crystals for dinner.

What’s your desk to dinner style?

Desk to Dinner in Ecru - Model Me Girl

In the Set

»» Mikael Aghal satin-jacquard dress
»» Pre-owned 2001 Chanel cream tweed & sequin jacket
»» Charlotte Olympia Monroe Metallic Leather Pumps
»» Purse in set unavailable; alternate Ivanka Trump Zip Around wallet
»» GUESS women’s rose gold-tone watch with genuine crystals & self-adjustable bracelet — U0432L2
»» Nars Phillip Lim for Nars – nail polish in Gold
»» Estee Lauder pure color instant intense eyeshadow trio in Amber Alloy


Modest Fashion Find: Black Pleated Skirt

Pleats make a skirt or dress look more feminine because they allow for movement of the fabric. Whether it’s box, accordion, kick, honeycomb or another variation, pleats add style to the garment.

Pleats can be traced back to Egyptian and Greek societies. Plisse, or a permanent crinkled or puckered effect, was used by Egyptians. It was an intensive process to get the desired look. Pleated garments were worn by the aristocratic and has an air of luxury.

Modest Fashion Find

There are many ways to wear a pleated skirt. A flattering pleated skirt has pleats that begin at the hip area or anywhere below the waistband.

This modest fashion find features a black pleated skirt with buckles. It hits right below the knee with an appropriate fit. Add a pair of tall leather boots, printed top and round cross body bag. Simple. Modest. Stylish.

Modest Fashion Find: Black Pleated Skirt with Boots - Model Me Girl

In the Set:

Pleated midi skirt with buckle $63
Printed top $49
Paolo Iantorno Marion Black Tall Leather Boots $329
Warehouse Leather Zip Round Cross Body £35 ($53.80)

60 Second Style: Fashionable & Modest Swim Skirt

Never worry about staying modest when it comes to enjoying summer splashes and fun. I’ve searched for fashionable and modest swimwear. Sometimes I see modest, but style is void. Other times, I see style, but modesty is absent.

This modest swimwear/swim skirt by Leelach.com passes the style and modesty test! Yay!

60-Second Style: Raging Waters {Swim Skirt}

Little Model Me Girl: Growing Up Modest (g.u.m.)

I’m excited to introduce Little Model Me Girl: Growing Up Modest (g.u.m.) — modesty training, character development and life skills for little girls, ages 4 to 12- years-old. The Little Model Me Girl website will feature articles, printables, tips and girls fashion sets.

little model me girl pic5

Why Modesty Training?

Little girls are exposed to the same messages from society as older girls and women. When little girls grow up, it’s sometimes hard to accept modesty, even with a bible verse about “modest apparel” planted right in view.

Girls are in a continuous process of being socialized to value being barely covered as a powerful symbol of our culture, and an influential source of their own style. It’s a stronghold, and is true even for girls in the church.

Once a girl believes showing excessive skin is okay, it doesn’t take much to convince her that even more of it should be put on public display. Never mind God likens nakedness to shame, and He calls us to a higher standard.

God’s Word expressly tells us ladies how to adorn ourselves. Hello meekness, gentleness, strength, honor…

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I know embracing modesty goes against the rules of society and carnal nature, but it is in-line with the command of God. I want to see young girls cultivating a mind and heart to please God in all they do.

Modest fashion doesn’t mean frumpy fashion. We are free to be colorful and creative while obeying God’s Word to dress in modest clothes.

Modesty training also includes etiquette, protocol and servitude, which are rooted in humility.


The introductory sets I created were approved by my wonderful 6-year-old niece, as she sat and watched me create Little Model Me Girl fashion sets.

She’s often watched me work on Model Me Girl, and expressed she wants to be a Model Me Girl, too. In a sense, Little Model Me Girl is for her, and I’m willing to share what we learn with you and the little girl in your life. My niece is in modesty training. She is grasping, “We don’t model the world. We model Christ.” The way she puts it is, “I know how to dress properly.”

Modeling Christ is the foundation of Model Me Girl. It’s time for women of God to be the light of the world Christ called us to be, and shine a lifestyle worth modeling. One that comes with a reward of eternal life.

Wake up, ladies. Let’s stop allowing the world to train our little girls. As such, I will continue to put myself on repeat and broadcast the message that God is calling women and girls to model Him, not the world.

Whether she is mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, neighbor or friend—six or 60— let’s lift up God and inspire girls and women by modeling modesty—by modeling Christ.

God wants to start with you.


The Serene Scene

Many people seem to be on a quest to find peace.  School and work leave us exhausted and over-extended. Family life feels upside down. Friendships go shipwrecked. We look for “me time”— precious moments when you can just get away from it all. Bubble bath and a tropical beach optional, but totally recommended.

If we manage to find little moments during the day to escape, invisible militiamen soon find us and wage a mental war of worries and stress. Anxiety-riddled thoughts pop up in our minds like jack-in-the-box. Heart rate is erratic. Chest feels heavy. Tension is your norm. And that daily headache? It’s your new best-friend. All of this comes with a price: our health. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.


What are we really looking for? Peace. Harmony between every area of our lives. Balance in the form of contentment. We really don’t want to be pulled in a million different directions. That’s for Elastigirl. Multitasking isn’t all corporate America  has seduced us into believing. We mess up or forget what we were working on to begin with.

You’re not the Miss-Fix-It people made you out to be. You can’t even fix yourself. That’s a job for Jesus.

What should you do? Believe God. Fear and doubt are the reasons for the absence of peace. God made the world. Surely He can take care of you.

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace—true serenity. He is the balance you seek in your life.

Instead of letting life revolve around that job, that class, that man, that friend; why not let life revolve around the One who created all life—yours included?

Stayed on You

We don’t keep our minds stayed on Jesus, therefore we are not being kept in perfect peace. That promise, like many in the bible, comes with a condition. Instead, we keep our mind on her business, his business, that worry, doubt, lie and ego. And we wonder why we can’t sleep at night. Why we cannot stop to smell and enjoy the roses. Why we feel like we are just existing.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Our lives are chaotic, and family life is trash because we are not seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We are seeking it last. After mister walks out, when the paychecks stop coming, when the eviction notice shows up, when the car breaks down, when beauty fades. When money—your god—lets you down. Then we seek the true and living God, Jesus Christ. Last. And half-heartedly, at best.

Priority Check

Where is God on your love list? Is He first? Does He have all of you, even your mind? Or are those worries the god of your thoughts?

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Meditate on this. God will help us prioritize our lives and introduce us to the serene scene once we make Him our priority. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be rich, famous or trouble-free.

It means when trouble comes, you can endure with peace because you know trouble doesn’t last, but God’s Word does. You’ll know you are truly safe in the Master’s arms, no matter what happens in the world.

Real peace is not found in circumstances, location, things or man, but in the blood of the risen Savior, Christ our Lord.

Color Therapy: Serenity Blue

Modest & Polished: Grow in Grace

To grow means to develop, expand, increase or advance to maturity. As I sat in Bible study tonight, I thought about something my dad said. “The devil wants to kill us as soon as we are ready to give our life to Christ; as soon as we are born again, before we get strong in God and are built up.”

Babes in Christ

Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy, but he especially wants to destroy us when we are new in Christ — babes. Why? Because at this early stage, our strength is small and our discernment has not had time to become sharpened. We have not yet been rooted and grounded in the Word. We are easy targets.

If you know anything about babies, you know they are vulnerable. Even in the animal world, predators seek the weak, categorized as the very young, sick/injured or the very old. Satan is a predator, and his mission is to devour as many people as possible, which includes seeking out new believers.

We are very vulnerable as babes in Christ. We need to feast on the sincere milk of the word, so that we can grow (1 Peter 2:2). The stronger we become in God, and the more skillful we become with the Word, we are able to resist the devil and easily use our Sword against him: the Word of God.

It takes time to mature, both naturally and spiritually. If you are a babe in Christ, I lovingly encourage you to indulge in the Word. If you feel you don’t have a thirst or hunger for it, feast on it anyway, at the same time asking God to ignite your thirst and hunger.

If you have been in Christ for a while, you are not above being deceived and falling. You are on the enemy’s hit list too, and you need the Word. There comes a time when we can move beyond milk and feast on meat — the deeper things in the Word that babies can’t eat or understand because they’d choke on it.

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

All of us need to grow. Don’t be satisfied with where you are in God. Always desire to be closer to Him; to be more faithful; to be more like Jesus. A beautiful part about being in Christ is that He has everything we need to grow by — starting with grace.

Grow in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ

God also wants us to grow in the knowledge of Christ. Knowledge is awareness, familiarity, facts and information gained from experience with someone or something. There’s more to know about Jesus than what you discovered the first time you heard His name; or from when you were baptized; from when He last healed you; from last Sunday’s sermon; or the day He saved you from your sins and self.

Grow in Grace

We learn more about Christ as we study and meditate on His Word, pray, fast, spend quiet time with Him, and allow Him to lead us by the Holy Ghost. Only when we are led by the Spirit of God are we the sons (and daughters) of God (Romans 8:14).

I believe Ephesians 3:17-19 sums up growing in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ perfectly.

17 That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love,18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; 19 And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.


With Love,


How to Wear Fall Florals

Who said you have to get rid of florals in the fall? Yes, the leaves may be changing and colors fading, but there is a way to wear floral prints in the fall. We naturally associate very bright and light colors with the spring/summer and tropical climates. God is amazing. To everything there is a season, and there are fall floral designs and patterns just for you!

  1. Look for florals on dark colored backdrops. The Dorthy Perkins skirt featured in the Fall Florals set features large flowers on a black background.
  2. Opt for florals that are jewel-toned. Flowers that are deep in color, such as saturated blues, rich reds, deep purples and heavy oranges work well.
  3. When wearing bright florals, tone it down with a dark colored blazer/jacket and accessories.
  4. Add florals as an accent to break up solids. Use a scarf, belt, hat or floral print jacket to do the job! (Yes!)
  5. Be creative and enjoy the beauty of YOU!
Fall Florals

All White Fall 2013 Fashion


ASOS: Spring Midi Dress Trends with a Modest Twist

The rising trend of the midi-skirt over the last few seasons has been to modest, yet fashion-forward girls everywhere. Once dismissed as dowdy and out of date, length is back with a vengeance, and we’re finding it right at the cutting edge of this season’s styles.

SS13 catwalks were bursting with midi skirts and dresses from hot designers like Jason Wu and Proenza Schouler, and the look is quickly filtering through to our favorite retailers. Paying special attention to details like sleeves and necklines, we’ve gathered up a few of the most wearable, modest spring midi dress trends of the season.

Spring Midi Dress Trends

ASOS Midi Dress In Tapestry Style Print

ASOS Midi Style Dress in Tapestry Style Print

Feminizing grunge and pulling it up to date, this carefree 90s inspired casual dress is as comfortable as it is cute. Winter florals are reworked to pull looks from day to night, and soft scoop necklines with gently gathered waists are sweet and flattering. Pair this with ankle boots, a pastel sweater, and a knit hat for day, or a leather jacket and top knot for night.

ASOS Midi Dress In Washed Woven

ASOS Midi Dress in Washed Woven

The flow of this sky-blue, silk-touch fabric is mesmerizing, skimming without ever clinging. This gorgeous midi dress is hugely versatile: you can dress it up or down with just a few accessories.

ASOS Midi Dress in Floral Stripe Print

ASOS Midi Dress In Floral Stripe Print

Here’s a dress that combines the best of several decades into one amazing look. With a nod to recent homespun trends, this structured cut, with slightly puffed sleeves, creates an hourglass shape, bringing in a fitted waistline and strong neckshape to elongate. Warm up with a vibrant lip and braided hair styles.

ASOS Midi Dress With Full Skirt And Belt

ASOS Midi Dress with Full Skirt & Belt

The classic  bettylook. A full pleated skirt, high boat neck, and sweet ¾ length sleeves conjure up visions of Audrey Hepburn in her heyday. The effect is restrained and elegant, ladylike without ever being stuffy. The contrasting skinny belt works overtime to define a tiny waist.

ASOS Skater Dress With Waist Tab Detail

ASOS Skater Dress with Waist Tab Detail

The stunning color of this flowing chiffon beauty will stop you in your tracks. Lovely cropped blouson sleeves and clever button tab details at the nipped-in waist give this dress a timeless air.

ASOS Tulip Dress With Waterfall Skirt

ASOS Tulip Dress with Waterfall Skirt

We’re nuts about this polka dot day dress with adorable ruffled detail. Demure but spirited, it’s easy to wear, and the lightweight woven fabric moves beautifully wherever you go. Pair it with pretty pumps for a blast of vintage style.

The White Pepper Shirt Dress with Sheer Top

The White Pepper Shirt Dress with Sheer Top

A playful breath of fresh air, this flirty dress just shouts spring.From cute and creative designers The White Pepper, this sweet-as-candy color is kept in check with smart tailored details: cuffed sleeves and shirt styling on the top, and soft but neat pleats through the skirt.

ASOS Midi Dress With Victorian Detailing

ASOS Midi Dress with Victorian Detailing

Lace insets and pretty pintucks give this lovely gray dress a taste of Victorian styling, while the asymmetrical hem brings a modern edge. Layer and wear it with tights until the mornings warm up for a look with a lot of storybook charm.

Find the Perfect Spring Midi Dress

Fun, practical, and endlessly adaptable, this spring’s midis are a great staple to
get you through those in-between days as winter lets go and the sun reappears.
They’re the perfect length to show off a new pair of shoes and they pair
beautifully with cardigans and scarves. Have you found a favorite on or off the
runway this spring?