Apostolic Fashion No. 1 (MMG style)

I dubbed this set Apostolic Fashion because as an Apostolic lady, there’s a tell-tale way we tend to wear our skirts and dresses. (Smile!) This set features a white pleated skirt and peony textured jacket.

Apostolic Fashion No. 1 (MMGstyle)

Gold and Faithful

Gold & Faithful

Preppy Update

Enter the realm of preppy fashion, which is always a polished, tailored look. Preppy Update features a taupe belted skirt and Ralph Lauren navy deerskin jacket.

Preppy Update

Neutral with Print Skirt


Grey Out MMG Style

Grey Out MMGstyle is comfortable, modest and edgy.

Grey Out

Professional vs. Casual: Striped Skirt

Keep the skirt, but change accessories, jackets and tops to go from professional to casual. As always, keep it modest!

Professional vs. Casual: Striped Skirt