Skirt Leggings

Where there’s a way, there’s a skirt to be made. I’ve often considered turning some of my workout leggings into a skirt. The thought crossed my mind as I pulled out a pair today to wear under a dress. (Yes, it’s like that!) It’d be easy enough to do, but I was concerned about the skirt being too tight. A simple solution would be to buy a pair of leggings a size too big, so that I could have enough fabric to work with. Or I could just get some stretchy fabric and stitch up a simple maxi skirt. Ironically, I stumbled upon Mimu Maxi today. They have skirt leggings! Imagine my surprise.

Now this skirt legging by Mimu Maxi is meant to be worn for fashion and not sprinting around the gym. The skirt is a long maxi shape and comes in a variety of prints. Think comfortable fashion that can be dressed up or down, reminiscent of leggings but in skirt form.

Mimu Maxi offers more than the skirt leggings on their site. Although I don’t own a skirt legging from them, I do applaud the duo for their designs and making the skirt leggings and other modest pieces available.

Have you tried the Mimu Maxi skirt legging? I’d love to hear from you!



Skirt Leggings