My Glossies: Fashion Magazine Inspiration

Since I was a young girl, I’ve always loved magazines. My grandmother picked up on this love affair and would save her old magazines (and catalogs) for me. Her magazines mainly consisted of home/garden, lifestyle and true fashion magazines; not the gossipy women’s glossies.

I’d visit my grandmother and she’d introduce me to the newest additions, while directing me to take all the old ones I wanted. I’d leave with bundles of glossies to flip through. I especially liked the texture of the paper. I remember running my fingers across the pages, studying the layouts.

Although we’re in a digital age, I still enjoy picking up a magazine and flipping through it. No matter how convenient, technology can’t replace the tactile experience “real” media, such as magazines, offer. I just like the real thing.

I indulged in some magazine reading today, but in the form of fashion research. Sometimes I pick one up to simply enjoy it, but today I picked a small bundle to study and find inspiration. I’m continually amazed by the harmony of art, psychology, sociology and science present in fashion.

What would the fashion industry be without magazines—both digital and traditional? How we present the elements of fashion and style is an art form of its own.

How do you stay inspired?

Magazines - Fashion Research 1-1

Magazines - Fashion Research 2-1