Styling the Nude Heel

Nude is a neutral color. Some people call it beige, tan or other variations depending on the designer, but nude is really meant to be flesh-colored. One way to add a neutral color to your outfit is with nude heels. Sometimes black, which is also a neutral color, is just too intense for what you’re wearing. Maybe white shoes just throw everything off with a particular outfit.

Nude heels also make your legs appear longer. That’s going back to that flesh color. It’s like an instant leg extension.

Consider nude heels when you want to lighten up an outfit or focus on the top part of your look, such as a trendy top or statement accessory.

Styling Nude Heels

What colors do nude heels complement? Nude heels tend to match well with pastels, monochromatic colors, color-blocking, a black dress/skirt or bright colors, such as the hot pink in Model Me Girl’s logo.



Nude Heels for Every Skin Tone

Depending on your preferences, you can match nude heels with your skin tone. If in your budget, Christian Louboutin has The Nudes Collection with shades of nude to match skin tones from light to dark. Ultra light nudes for everyone is a thing of the past.



What’s Your Style?

In addition to Christian Louboutin’s Nudes Collection, I featured other nude pumps below that may suit your style. Peep toe, strappy, slingback or the classic pump—there’s a nude heel just for you. Happy shoe shopping!

Good Evening: Black Dress & Indigo Glam

How about a good evening look? We’re on to the little black dress — one that is sophisticated, stylish and modest. This black dress by Alexander McQueen sports a v-neck and bubble skirt. The bubble skirt hits right at the knee and the v-neck doesn’t plunge too deep.

Add some indigo glam with a beaded satin indigo clutch by Rafe. Extend your indigo glam with a pavé white zircon and ice blue sapphire cuff designed by Matthew Campbell for M.c.I. Design. Now I love a great heel. I tend to go back to Alexander McQueen, as he is one of my favorite designers. The black suede t-strap metal sandal goes well with the indigo beaded clutch and cuff.

Put it all together and you’re off to a good evening — poised and polished.


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The Classic Black Wool Coat

Ahh…the classic black wool coat. Like the classic little black dress, a nice wool coat is a lovely staple to have on hand during the chilly autumn/winter seasons. It’s fashionable, functional, and oh so classy. These are just a few black wool coats I find sensational.

The Little Black Dress


The classic little black dress is always sophisticated and polished. A simple black dress, with the appropriate cut, can be paired with simple or bold accessories. A domed fascinator with a feather plume on top is a nod to vintage glam. No over-the-top church hats here. Simple does it.

The Little Black Dress


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