Fall/Winter Fashion Tips: Keeping Warm in Skirts & Dresses

One of Model Me Girl’s lovely readers sent in a question, which I think is a great topic for discussion:

Do you have any tips for normal skirts that I could wear in 15–30 degree weather?

I will share my response because I believe many ladies may have this question, or see cold weather as a barrier to wearing skirts and dresses. Guess what? I know some lovely Alaskan lady friends who make it in skirts and dresses! We’re talking about many inches of snow and below freezing temperatures. Brr…!

Stores, as my dear reader mentioned, like Forever 21, sell thin dresses. I know this can be discouraging for ladies because we think people will assume we’re crazy for stepping out in cold weather in a skirt or dress.

Model Me Girl Tips

First of all, whatever you wear, do so with confidence. If you are stepping out with the mindset that people will laugh you to scorn because of what you’re wearing, you are setting yourself up for ridicule. Insecurity will be reflected in your face, posture and walk. Love yourself, love your style…and SHINE on!

Moving on…

Fall/winter are my favorite seasons. I personally wear denim skirts of various modest lengths, tweed, corduroy, wool, and cashmere knits in the winter time. There are also some fashionable ski/snow skirts out there.

Woven tights and leggings worn underneath your skirt/dress come in handy; as do cute leg warmers. The key is to layer. I don’t know about you, but I’m a boot girl, so a few nice pairs that are more than fashionable—but functional—in cold weather will suffice. Jackets and coats of various fabrics and lengths are a must. A nice, long wool or leather coat, or with down are also great.

It’s All About Perspective

If you frequent this site, you’ll notice I only feature skirts and dresses because it is all I wear—reflecting my style and the way I glorify God. Now I wasn’t always a solo skirt and dress kind of girl.

After I transitioned from wearing jeans and pants to only skirts and dresses, I realized something: If you don’t wear thermals/leggings/tights under jeans, they’re not much warmer than a skirt. I distinctly remember my backside freezing while wearing jeans!!

What am I saying? This is all about perspective. Some jeans are not made of heavy denim and don’t keep you as warm as a nice wool skirt with tights and boots will. You can keep warm in a “normal” skirt or dress.


Let’s recap on tips to keeping warm in skirts and dresses:

  • Fabric is king – Choose fabrics that are cold weather friendly, such as wool, fleece, tweed, (cashmere) knits, corduroy, denim and leather. These fabrics are insulators.
  • Weight of fabric is essential– How heavy is your fabric? For example, light-weight denim is suitable for warm weather. Choose heavier denim for colder weather.
  • Layering is key – Don’t forget knit tights, leggings (cotton, denim, knit), leg warmers, thermals (depending on length of skirt/dress and if you’ll be wearing boots); gloves, scarves, hats and other essential fall/winter gear. Also, don’t forget foundation garments to create smoothness underneath knit fabrics.

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Clothes Layering Ideas

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