How to Modest-fy Formal Dresses

DIY: How to Tie a Royal Turban

Another head wrap tutorial, ladies! This one is for the turban lovers. Go royal with it.



How to Make a Cascade/Waterfall Braid

Now you can learn how to make a cascade/waterfall braid. Check out the video tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles. In the video, Mindy’s hair is short. She demonstrates your hair doesn’t have to be super long to pull off this style.

DIY Cascade Waterfall Braid

How to Wear a Tichel/Mitpachat


So what’s a tichel or mitpachat? It’s a head scarf or head covering traditionally worn by married Jewish women. Well, I’m not Jewish by decent, and I’m not married, but I do believe in covering my head when I pray; and I like nice head scarfs, turbans, headbands, veils, hats, etc. Okay, so I like hair accessories.

I’m on this kick where I like learning new ways to tie a scarf. A cute scarf or hat can be a girl’s best-friend on a bad hair day.

Cover Your Hair has a plethora of hair accessories. I have a couple of scarves I got from Israel that I’ve been playing around with. You don’t have to travel far to get a nice scarf. There’s also the option to make your own with fabric from a craft and fabric store—no super sewing skills required.

Enjoy this video from on how to wear a tichel/mitpachat.

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How to Layer Clothes in Spring/Summer


Layering clothes is not just for the fall and winter seasons. You can layer in the spring and summer, too. Layering can be especially important if you purchase something that’s a little less modest than you’d like it to be, and would like to find a solution for that. Also, layering can provide a barrier from the sun’s heat. Continue Reading

How to Shop for Quality Clothes


Attention shoppers! Since we’re not slaves to fashion, we’re skipping how to pronounce the names of the thousands of designer labels out there. (Is that what you thought this post was about?)

A lot of people are brand loyalists and shop according to brand. Quality clothes are not necessarily name brand. I’ve seen some cheaply made, high-priced, name brand clothes out there.

Quality clothes are built with care and built to last. You can find quality clothes at major department stores and thrift stores. You don’t have to spend a lot if you know what to look for. Continue Reading