Strength Training & Cardio Workout Nutrition

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Eating the right mix of carbs and proteins before and after a workout can maximize your benefits. This infographic provides some simple guidelines to help you in your fitness journey.


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Infographic: Teen ‘Back to School’ Cosmetic Surgery Trend

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Some teens are doing whatever it takes to get approval from their peers and friends about their looks. Their parents are helping with this ‘pursuit of perfection’ with the price of cosmetic surgery. How far is to far—especially when bullying is part of the equation?

I understand the mind and feelings of teens with acne and acne scarring, because I was once there. As an adult, I ventured off to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians—paying heavy prices to obtain perfect skin. Oh yeah, my skin still isn’t perfect! I can’t tell you all the products I’ve ordered over the years. What a waste. But I do know the weight and toll ‘imperfect’ skin plays on the hearts and minds of teens and adults—especially females. The wicked world of negative self-image!

Does all the cosmetic surgery (I’ve never had any done, btw…) actually heal hearts and minds, and solve self-image and bullying problems? Weigh in on it. Check out this infographic and tell us what you think.

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cosmetic surgery the new back to school trend
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How to Choose a Fitness Program

What do you do for physical activity?

For one girl, the activity of choice may be running. Another may be a gym princess. Right now, I’m on a Pilates kick. I want to be fit and faithful for Kingdom work.

You don’t have to do high impact activity to get fit. Walking, biking or swimming are simple ways to improve health. Whatever you choose to do for fitness, plan ahead to make time for it.

Choosing Your Fitness Program

First of all, you should do an honest assessment about what you’re capable of doing. Although I have a background in health, and have done a lot of health coaching, I am not a doctor. So excuse me while I sound like an infomercial: “Please get a doctor’s approval before starting a fitness program.” (Although most do not, it is wise practice.) Continue Reading

Shaping a Healthy Body Image

Body Image LoveDo you have a healthy body image? When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the reflection? A healthy body image is one that is positive. Many girls have negative body images—they don’t like what they see.

Causes of a Negative Body Image

Did you know our family members and friends can pressure us to adopt an unhealthy body image? Teasing and weight gain can also negatively affect us. However, most of our pressure comes from the media.

Girls, young and old, are pressured to look like what TV, the Internet, magazines and billboards show us. But none of those “looks” are realistic. In America, we’re taught to look like Barbie®, be as tall and thin as super models and stay young forever. There’s so much wrong with these teachings. Continue Reading

Understanding Body Shapes


Body Shapes






What is a body shape?

A body shape consists of the contours and proportions of your body, including the waistline.  Bone structure, muscles and fat all play a part.

There are four basic/traditional shapes used to categorize the shape of a woman’s body: apple, banana, hourglass and pear.

The shapes of women’s bodies can vary beyond the four basic shapes. With this in mind, we’ll focus on six possible body shapes, instead of four. Continue Reading

Israeli Law Bans Super Thin Models in Ads


The Israeli fashion industry is up for a challenge now that Israel has passed a law banning super thin models in ads.

Advertisements featuring underweight models influence young girls to emulate the unhealthy look they see. The measure was taken to “protect” young girls who may feel pressure to do extreme diets, or become anorexic or bulimic to look like super models. Continue Reading