How to Wear Fall Florals

Who said you have to get rid of florals in the fall? Yes, the leaves may be changing and colors fading, but there is a way to wear floral prints in the fall. We naturally associate very bright and light colors with the spring/summer and tropical climates. God is amazing. To everything there is a season, and there are fall floral designs and patterns just for you!

  1. Look for florals on dark colored backdrops. The Dorthy Perkins skirt featured in the Fall Florals set features large flowers on a black background.
  2. OptĀ for florals that are jewel-toned. Flowers that are deep in color, such as saturated blues, rich reds, deep purples and heavy oranges work well.
  3. When wearing bright florals, tone it down with a dark colored blazer/jacket and accessories.
  4. Add florals as an accent to break up solids. Use a scarf, belt, hat or floral printĀ jacket to do the job! (Yes!)
  5. Be creative and enjoy the beauty of YOU!
Fall Florals