And We’re Walking…

Our tour guide on an overseas trip had a way to announce to the group it was time to move on with, “And we’re walking.” And walk we did.

Walking gets us from point A to point B. Some walk for leisure and not merely necessity. But you can also walk for fitness or athletics.

Walk for Health, Fun & Sport

If you’re looking for a fitness routine that’s easy on the budget and requires no or limited special equipment, consider walking. Yes, walking is a workout.

Many times we don’t feel like we’re working out unless our feet are pounding the pavement in a run or jog. I am sensitive to the fact that not everyone is willing or able to hit the pavement running. Start where you are and build up over time. Always consult a medical doctor before beginning any health/fitness program.

We’ll look at several types of walking.

Pedestrian Walking

Pedestrian walking is basic or normal walking. It can be walking the city streets or taking a stroll in the park. Ideally, you should use correct posture no matter what type of walking you’re doing. However, there’s not a particular technique for pedestrian walking. This is the type of walking to start with if you’re not in shape or have been out of the exercise loop for a while. Gradually build up.

  • If there are no sidewalks or paths, walk on the side facing road traffic.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Wear reflective clothes/shoes if walking at night.

 Fitness Walking

Introduce fitness walking when you’re ready to pick up speed, endurance and intensity. Fitness walking may incorporate other movements, such as arm exercises and small hand-weights/gloves. Speed, brisk and power walking are types of fitness walking.

You begin to thoughtfully use correct form and posture with fitness walking. Techniques are introduced to get the best benefits from fitness walking.

  • Do not lean backward or forward when walking.
  • Your body should be straight up and down with a vertical torso.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking involves using Nordic walking poles. The poles enhance basic or normal walking and you burn more calories. Ski poles are not substitutes for Nordic walking poles. Proper equipment and form are key.

Hiking or Trekking

A nice stroll in the park to admire fallen snow or colorful leaves is definitely leisure with health benefits. Perhaps you’d like your stroll to turn into a pleasurable workout challenge while enjoying the scenery. There’s hiking and trekking. There may be designated hiking trails in your area. You’ll also need some supplies/equipment for a safe hiking or trekking experience.

Trekking is arduous, and involves greater distances, time, heights and challenges than hiking. Check out Lonely Planet’s 10 Best Treks in the World for inspiration.

 Race Walking

Walkers are athletes, too. Race walking, anyone?

Race walking is not speed or power walking. To differentiate race walking from running, USA Track & Field (USATF) defines race walking as requiring the competitor to “maintain contact with the ground at all times and requires the leading leg to be straightened as the foot makes contact with the ground until in the vertical upright position.” It’s about proper form, flexibility, strength and endurance. The goal is to not violate the USATF rule or definition of race walking during a competition.

 Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a walking challenge? Now is the perfect time to walk your way into wellness. And we’re walking…

And We're Walking

Into the Fit Zone

Get healthy with a fitness program that works for you. Exercise skirt, anyone? Welcome to the fit zone!

Fit Zone

Fitness Motivation from Russia with Love

Who said your vitality has to diminish when you’re older?! You CAN stay healthy and active with daily health maintenance.

I have health coached quite a few people. Over time, I’ve heard practically every excuse a person can give who wants the benefits of good health without putting in the work.

I call it the “Make Me Fine Without Me Putting in Time Syndrome.”

Here are a few tips to help squash this syndrome:

  1. Gym equipment or membership is not needed.
  2. Obsession with calorie counting, weigh-ins, or food labels need not rear its head.
  3. You do not have to run your way to fitness or do ultra-high intensity workouts, unless you WANT to.
  4. A pre-sculpted body is not necessary to begin working out.
  5. If the buddy system is a crutch, you’ll never get anywhere waiting for your friend to start, too. Get motivated for you.

If this darling woman can exercise, what’s your excuse? Get motivated to be healthy. Good health is a gift from God. Squeeze all the little profit you can get out of bodily exercise and use it for doing His will and to enjoy this beautiful experience we call life.

Russian Grandma Fitness

Strength Training & Cardio Workout Nutrition

Model Me Girl

Eating the right mix of carbs and proteins before and after a workout can maximize your benefits. This infographic provides some simple guidelines to help you in your fitness journey.


Infographic Source:

How to Choose a Fitness Program

What do you do for physical activity?

For one girl, the activity of choice may be running. Another may be a gym princess. Right now, I’m on a Pilates kick. I want to be fit and faithful for Kingdom work.

You don’t have to do high impact activity to get fit. Walking, biking or swimming are simple ways to improve health. Whatever you choose to do for fitness, plan ahead to make time for it.

Choosing Your Fitness Program

First of all, you should do an honest assessment about what you’re capable of doing. Although I have a background in health, and have done a lot of health coaching, I am not a doctor. So excuse me while I sound like an infomercial: “Please get a doctor’s approval before starting a fitness program.” (Although most do not, it is wise practice.) Continue Reading

Shaping a Healthy Body Image

Body Image LoveDo you have a healthy body image? When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the reflection? A healthy body image is one that is positive. Many girls have negative body images—they don’t like what they see.

Causes of a Negative Body Image

Did you know our family members and friends can pressure us to adopt an unhealthy body image? Teasing and weight gain can also negatively affect us. However, most of our pressure comes from the media.

Girls, young and old, are pressured to look like what TV, the Internet, magazines and billboards show us. But none of those “looks” are realistic. In America, we’re taught to look like Barbie®, be as tall and thin as super models and stay young forever. There’s so much wrong with these teachings. Continue Reading

Understanding Body Shapes


Body Shapes






What is a body shape?

A body shape consists of the contours and proportions of your body, including the waistline.  Bone structure, muscles and fat all play a part.

There are four basic/traditional shapes used to categorize the shape of a woman’s body: apple, banana, hourglass and pear.

The shapes of women’s bodies can vary beyond the four basic shapes. With this in mind, we’ll focus on six possible body shapes, instead of four. Continue Reading