The Ruana Wrap is Functional Fashion


Featured in set (L–R): {Minnie Rose Cashmere Ruana} {Reversible Leopard Print Echo Wrap} {Brooks Brothers Pure Cashmere Ruana} {Calvin Klein Drop Stitch Evening Ruana in Cream} {Echo Hooded Ruana} {CeJon Shimmer Ruana}

Let’s be real. Every fashion item isn’t necessarily functional. Oddly shaped heels on shoes, for one, that make for great photography, but not so much for walking, come to mind. That’s just one of many “What were you thinking?” fashion pooh-poohs.

Enter the ruana. What’s not to like about it? It’s functional without sacrificing style.

The ruana’s super chic poncho–style gives it versatility that makes it a great fashion staple. Throw it over your shoulder and secure with a brooch, wrap it around your waist to transform it into a skirt, or wear as a belted wrap. Have double the fun using it as a wrap and blanket. Travel ideas, anyone?

The traditional ruana is thick, sleeveless, made of wool and knee–length, although you can find some that come with a hood.

With many prints and fabrics, from Aztec motifs to glittering metallic, the ruana can complement day or evening wear. You can get a budget-friendly ruana, or break the bank with a pure cashmere ruana.

Do you have any tips about functional fashion? Let’s chat!

Minnie Rose Aztec Ruana in Chili Pepper and Sapphire

What is Plus Size?

Inquiring minds would like to know, “What exactly is plus size?” Perhaps one of the most confusing things about plus size is where it begins. What size is the entry point in defining plus size?

Depending on where you shop, plus size may start at size 12, 14 or 16. According to fashion industry standards, plus size are sizes 12-24 — making 12 the size where plus size begins. As you can imagine, what fashion industry, respective stores and women around the globe say is the entry point for plus size may differ considerably.

Wait…There’s More

You’ll typically see a ‘W’ or an ‘X’ before or after the size on plus size clothing. The ‘W’  means women’s size. You’ll see it after a size, such as 12W,  or before an S, M, L or XL — such as WS. The ‘X’ means extra. You may see it as something like 3X versus size 3 for juniors.

Some stores carry plus sizes from 12W-44W.  This also depends on where you shop. For example, Ashley Stewart only goes up to size 26. Igigi goes up to size 32. Shabby Apple’s plus sizes include 14/16, L and XL. They also use women’s sizes in WS and WM, which are more generous in bust, waist and hip measurements than XL.

There are two other categories beyond plus size. Super sizes are 4X-6X. Extended sizes are 7X and up.

Let’s Recap

Plus size includes sizes:

  • 12-44 or 12W-44W
  • L, XL, XXL, etc.
  • 1X-3X (there are also super and extended sizes)
  • WS, WM, WL, WXL (women’s sizes in small, medium, large and extra large)

Plus Size Shopping

The following stores either have a plus size department or exclusively carry plus size fashion. Of course there are more than the few listed below — online and in town. Explore your options with respect to style, budget and needs.

Happy Shopping!

Ashley Stewart Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Kohl’s Women’s Plus Size

Macy’s Plus Size Clothing

Dillard’s Plus Size Clothing & Apparel

Dot’s Plus Size

Women’s Dresses from Shabby Apple

Press Release: Nesma Helmy Preserves Eastern Soul with Haute Couture Collection

Be sure to check out the Model Me Girl in-depth interview with Nesma Helmy.

Pantone Chooses Emerald as 2013 Color of the Year

To the Emerald City!


There’s no need to be green with envy. Instead, opt for the classy, luxurious green emerald to make a fashion statement. Pantone, LLC revealed the lush emerald as the 2013 Color of the Year.

Now a little color theory. Green is associated with nature: spring, regeneration, life and growth. We also think of newness, hope, youthfulness, and of course envy and sickness. Green is a status symbol and relates to wealth. Where there’s wealth, we think of elegance and luxury; and the emerald is a precious gemstone.

[pullquote align=”right”]“As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors.” –Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®[/pullquote]

Be prepared to see emerald all over—fashion, beauty, home interiors. Emerald City anyone?

Modest Inspiration: Classy Traveling

Model Me Girl

Psalm 121:8 The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even for ever more.

Summer Style Tips: Lighter, Brighter Colors & Fabrics

Today is the official first day of summer. It’s time to spruce up your summer style with fabrics and colors that say cool and refreshing. While you’re staying cool, don’t let the heat tempt you to veer away from the modesty trail. You can still be stylish without compromising.


What’s the best way to stay protected from the sun’s heat? Cover up! Have you ever seen a nomad trekking through the desert in super short shorts? Nah. Here, summer is the season when all micro mini apparel takes center stage. Go for a patio dress, or maxi dress or skirt. Remember, skirts and dresses that are long and flowing allow air to circulate.

If super long isn’t your thing, there’s lots of mid-length and short skirts and dresses that are pleasantly modest. Sheath or shift dress anyone?

Lighter, Brighter Colors

Lighter colors reflect the sun’s heat. That was easy. Neutral earth tone colors come to mind.

Various shades of coral, pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, green and orange are examples of bright colors that spell out summer. The exact shade of color pop that looks good on you will be according to your skin color. Find what works for you.

Lighter Fabrics

I love denim and express my love for it with the Denim Skirt Days Collection. Denim’s not always the best choice on super hot days, unless it’s a lighter, stretchy denim.

Look for cool fabrics that soak up moisture from your skin.

[list style=”check”]
  • chiffon
  • cotton
  • gauze
  • lightweight silk (crepe de chine)
  • linen
  • nylon
  • modal blend
  • polyester
  • poplin
  • ramie


Loving: Gaetano Navarra Top ($79)


Loving: Gina Chiffon Pleated Maxi Dress (£15)

Lightweight Cotton & Modal Blend

Loving: Strawberry/Oatmeal Striped Ballet Neck Dress ($105)

Linen/Cotton Blend

Loving: Manoush Top ($119)


Loving: Marni Short Dress ($360)

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DIY Fashion: Zipper Appliqué


I was meandering through a Joann fabric and craft store when I stumbled upon a DIY fashion zipper appliqué. If you can’t get or make the zipper jewelry (or are looking for a DIY fashion project), I suppose an appliqué is the next best thing. The zipper appliqué is $7.99 + tax.


photo by @modelmegirl via instagram

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Israeli Law Bans Super Thin Models in Ads


The Israeli fashion industry is up for a challenge now that Israel has passed a law banning super thin models in ads.

Advertisements featuring underweight models influence young girls to emulate the unhealthy look they see. The measure was taken to “protect” young girls who may feel pressure to do extreme diets, or become anorexic or bulimic to look like super models. Continue Reading

Dress Up Orange & Blue


Orange and blue together tends to have a sporty flair. Think college sports teams.

There is a way you can dress up the paired orange and blue with befitting accessories and a nice jacket. This Dress Up Orange & Blue Collection features a sophisticated blue dress, orange and blue suede heels, and ivory and off-white textural coated bouclé biker jacket. Set off your style with an orange chunky jello bracelet, coral bib necklace, and a cute blue with orange detail bag.

Go on…be colorful.

Dress up Orange & Blue

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Candy Colors


No need to taste any rainbow when you can wear it! Step into spring or a cheery attitude with delightful candy colors. This Candy Colors Collection boasts a pink rose high waisted pencil skirt, classic white tank, and yellow bow back shrug. A simple floral clutch, multi-colored Giuseppe Zanotti™ heels, turquoise blue and crystal bracelet, and turquoise murano glass bead necklace complete the ensemble.

Candy Colors

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