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Hello Model Me Girls! I love fall (and winter) fashion. I know I’m not the only one. Enjoy this video by Alexandrea J. Wilson, which features modest fashion tips for fall.

How to Modest-fy a Short Denim Skirt

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Lovelies, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. That may mean taking on a little DIY project in the form of a refashion. There are quite a few tutorials on how to make a denim skirt out of jeans, as well as how to add tiers to the bottom of the revamped jeans to denim skirt. Let’s take an easier route. Why not buy a short denim skirt and long boho skirt, and add the two together? Sounds like a match made on a sewing machine. In case you’re sewing machine challenged, this can be done by hand.

How to Modest-fy a Short Denim Skirt

Carlos by Carlos Santana Trinidad Blue ($54.99)

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Step Out in Stars & Stripes

Step out in stars & stripes this Fourth of July!

#Model Me Girl’s Modest Fashion Tip

For deep necklines, there’s another option if you don’t want to layer with a tank, camisole or vest—like the denim Army vest featured in this set. Another trick is to use body tape to close up the gap. The Bristols6 transparent stylin’ tape is neat because it comes with strips especially for lightweight fabric, low-cut neckline and straps, and strapless tops and dresses. It’s a non-permanent solution, and is better than safety pins when you’re wearing delicate fabric.

Step Out in Stars & Stripes

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Foundation Garments 101: The Dreaded Slip

I read a post on the Modestly Yours blog called, “Whatever Happened to the Slip?” It’s a really good read and prompts you to think about the question. The above is the comment I left in response to the post.

Years ago, the most popular female talk show host ever talked about the slip. I remember her speaking disdain for it. To her, it was outdated and unnecessary. Needless to say, I believe her status and influence compelled a lot of women to ditch the slip.

But oh my! I have witnessed many a girl in dire need of one—in the church, on the streets, in the mall. The stars, stripes and flowers beneath the garment was VPL (visible panty line) to the max. You get the picture. Continue Reading

Fashion Tips for Layering Clothes

modest layering

If you leaf through a clothing catalog or magazine, you can learn the art of layering clothes. No design degree is required.

Layers are fun and functional. They can be enhanced with statement pieces, like a nice handbag or jewelry.

Did you see the Clothes Layering Ideas set? Let’s dive into some fashion tips to help you layer in style!

 From Thin to Thick

1. Thinnest piece of clothing is the bottom or base layer.
2. Thickest piece of clothing is topmost or outer layer.

*Example: camisole/tank top, t-shirt or blouse, light sweater, blazer or jacket Continue Reading

Clothes Layering Ideas

Clothes Layering Ideas

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Summer Boots to Fit Your Style

I love all kinds of shoes, but boots are my absolute favorite. Summer boots at the Anchorage Museum inspired this post. There’s nothing wrong with dashing boot-clad through the city in mid-90 degree weather.

Loving: Jimmy Choo ‘Tailor’ Boot Sandal

Loving: Jeffrey Campbell Orange City Slicker Boot for Ashbury Skies

Loving: Peep-Toe Knitted Leather Boots

Loving: Brass Embroidered Boots

Loving: Giambattista Valli Python Laced Low Boots

Loving: Ciznia Araia Brushed Pony Thong Low Boots

Loving: Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Boot

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Summer Style Tips: Lighter, Brighter Colors & Fabrics

Today is the official first day of summer. It’s time to spruce up your summer style with fabrics and colors that say cool and refreshing. While you’re staying cool, don’t let the heat tempt you to veer away from the modesty trail. You can still be stylish without compromising.


What’s the best way to stay protected from the sun’s heat? Cover up! Have you ever seen a nomad trekking through the desert in super short shorts? Nah. Here, summer is the season when all micro mini apparel takes center stage. Go for a patio dress, or maxi dress or skirt. Remember, skirts and dresses that are long and flowing allow air to circulate.

If super long isn’t your thing, there’s lots of mid-length and short skirts and dresses that are pleasantly modest. Sheath or shift dress anyone?

Lighter, Brighter Colors

Lighter colors reflect the sun’s heat. That was easy. Neutral earth tone colors come to mind.

Various shades of coral, pink, purple, blue, red, yellow, green and orange are examples of bright colors that spell out summer. The exact shade of color pop that looks good on you will be according to your skin color. Find what works for you.

Lighter Fabrics

I love denim and express my love for it with the Denim Skirt Days Collection. Denim’s not always the best choice on super hot days, unless it’s a lighter, stretchy denim.

Look for cool fabrics that soak up moisture from your skin.

[list style=”check”]
  • chiffon
  • cotton
  • gauze
  • lightweight silk (crepe de chine)
  • linen
  • nylon
  • modal blend
  • polyester
  • poplin
  • ramie


Loving: Gaetano Navarra Top ($79)


Loving: Gina Chiffon Pleated Maxi Dress (£15)

Lightweight Cotton & Modal Blend

Loving: Strawberry/Oatmeal Striped Ballet Neck Dress ($105)

Linen/Cotton Blend

Loving: Manoush Top ($119)


Loving: Marni Short Dress ($360)

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How to Wear a Tichel/Mitpachat


So what’s a tichel or mitpachat? It’s a head scarf or head covering traditionally worn by married Jewish women. Well, I’m not Jewish by decent, and I’m not married, but I do believe in covering my head when I pray; and I like nice head scarfs, turbans, headbands, veils, hats, etc. Okay, so I like hair accessories.

I’m on this kick where I like learning new ways to tie a scarf. A cute scarf or hat can be a girl’s best-friend on a bad hair day.

Cover Your Hair has a plethora of hair accessories. I have a couple of scarves I got from Israel that I’ve been playing around with. You don’t have to travel far to get a nice scarf. There’s also the option to make your own with fabric from a craft and fabric store—no super sewing skills required.

Enjoy this video from on how to wear a tichel/mitpachat.

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Fashion Tips: How to Hide Your Tummy


Understanding body shapes is important. Regardless of size or shape, we all have some type of figure flaw.

Tips to flatter or camouflage the tummy area include:

  • Ruffle detail around the mid-section
  • Banded tops
  • Tops and dresses with ruching

If you’re looking for ways to hide your tummy, check out this short video by Beverly Lane.


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