Apostolic Fashion No. 1 (MMG style)

I dubbed this set Apostolic Fashion because as an Apostolic lady, there’s a tell-tale way we tend to wear our skirts and dresses. (Smile!) This set features a white pleated skirt and peony textured jacket.

Apostolic Fashion No. 1 (MMGstyle)

Color Combo: Brown with a Hint of Peach

The color combo in this set showcases brown with a hint of peach. How darling! A floral handbag pulls the look together.

Brown with a hint of peach…

Gold and Faithful

Gold & Faithful

Preppy Update

Enter the realm of preppy fashion, which is always a polished, tailored look. Preppy Update features a taupe belted skirt and Ralph Lauren navy deerskin jacket.

Preppy Update

Neutral with Print Skirt


Maxi Dress, Denim Vest

Summer is no excuse to throw out the denim vest. Pair it up with a lovely maxi dress, and you’re set.

Maxi Dress, Denim Vest

Grey Out MMG Style

Grey Out MMGstyle is comfortable, modest and edgy.

Grey Out

Featured Set: iModelChrist Tee by Anitré

Many thanks to Anitré for featuring the #iModelChrist tee by Model Me Girl in this lovely set! For more of her beautiful sets, visit anitre.polyvore.com.

Light The Runway: iModelChrist Tee

Journey Well

To journey well is to prepare. No, I’m not talking about a vacation or sabbatical. I’m talking about life, which is full of transitions and changes. In fact, our present existence is all about getting prepared for eternity.

Where are you going and what are you doing with your life? Are you prepared to journey well or drift through life on a sea of complaints?


  1. Why you are going.
  2. Where you are going.
  3. With/for whom are you going.
  4. How you are going to get there.
  5. Time it will take to get there.
  6. What you need to take with you/leave behind.
  7. Stops and layovers.
  8. Realistic options due to unexpected delays.
  9. Your limits and levels of flexibility.
  10. What to expect when you get there.

Will you end your journey in praise or shame? The choice is yours.



Journey Well

True Colors: Citrus

Styling with citrus-inspired clothes and accessories is fun. The colors are mood boosters. Try it for yourself.


True Colors: Citrus