True Autumn Color Inspiration

True autumn is also called warm autumn.  The true autumn color palette features a lovely range of golden, brown, tawny and green colors that suit a warm skin tone with yellow undertones.

The True Autumn Color Fashion Set reflects typical autumn colors in fashion and accessories.


Autumn Showstoppers

We undoubtedly associate the colors of red and orange crackling leaves, squash, pumpkin and corn with autumn. But these rich and warm colors are not the only fall showstoppers. Beautiful shades of purple, pink, gray and blue are also true autumn colors. Yes, periwinkle, turquoise and violet are perfect autumn shades. Surprised? Just look around and be inspired!


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photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc
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Fall into Grey and Red

Happy Fall! I’m certainly looking forward to cooler weather. I’m talking boots and sweaters! Here’s a little fall fashion inspiration: Fall into Grey and Red.

Fall into Grey and Red

How to Wear Fall Florals

Who said you have to get rid of florals in the fall? Yes, the leaves may be changing and colors fading, but there is a way to wear floral prints in the fall. We naturally associate very bright and light colors with the spring/summer and tropical climates. God is amazing. To everything there is a season, and there are fall floral designs and patterns just for you!

  1. Look for florals on dark colored backdrops. The Dorthy Perkins skirt featured in the Fall Florals set features large flowers on a black background.
  2. Opt for florals that are jewel-toned. Flowers that are deep in color, such as saturated blues, rich reds, deep purples and heavy oranges work well.
  3. When wearing bright florals, tone it down with a dark colored blazer/jacket and accessories.
  4. Add florals as an accent to break up solids. Use a scarf, belt, hat or floral print jacket to do the job! (Yes!)
  5. Be creative and enjoy the beauty of YOU!
Fall Florals

All White Fall 2013 Fashion


Modest Inspiration: Merlot Pencil Skirts

I love beautiful shades of Merlot. Some are deeper; some have a more purplish hue. This color goes well with black, gray, and lavender or lilac.

Be inspired!

merlot fashion love
More Merlot Fashion



Modest Inspiration: Feminine & Rustic Fashion

Model Me Girl

Feminine and rustic fashion…just in time for fall. Be inspired!

Ralph Lauren Rustic Style

Source: via ModelMeGirl on Pinterest

 Rustic Style Layered Skirt













Source: via ModelMeGirl on Pinterest

Video: Fall Fashion Modesty Tips

Model Me Girl

Hello Model Me Girls! I love fall (and winter) fashion. I know I’m not the only one. Enjoy this video by Alexandrea J. Wilson, which features modest fashion tips for fall.

Fall Fashion Preview: Cognac & Metallic

Model Me Girl

So it’s still hot outside. What better way to get your mind (and wardrobe) prepared for cooler weather than with a little fall preview?

Falling for Cognac & Metallic


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