Lomographic Influence

There are plenty of reasons to rave over analog cameras. Some people call them toy cameras, but they were on the scene before DSLR and camera phones turned the masses into photographers. Analog cameras added “filters” and effects to photographs before Instagram.

The lomography photographic lifestyle is fueled by the Lomographic Society International and passionate artists of every kind — from the professional and hobbyist, to the friend who shows up at every event with a camera.

Photo Courtesy: Photo Vide

Photo Courtesy: Photo Vide

The results you get from lomographic film photography can be categorized as unexpected amazement. You don’t necessarily choose your effects, you’re surprised by them. Light leaks are acceptable. Blurred images are common, but the photos are colorful and unique. The principle behind lomography is there are no rules —  just shoot without being bound by photographic techniques. Picture a kid with a camera. It’s fun and creative!

If interested, Lomography.com has a beginner guide, interactive community and shop that are worth checking out.

I curated items in the Lomographic Influence set based on the striped colors of the La Sardina St. Tropez Graniers 35mm Wide-Angle Camera found in the lomograpy shop.


1.BOO AND BOO FACTORY Geometric Neon Earrings

2. MODELCO Fat Lash Mascara

3. VALENTINO Rockstud Striped Camera Bag

4. JANE COSMETICS 5-Piece Pro Artistry Brush Set

5. LA SARDINA St. Tropez Graniers 35mm Wide-Angle Camera

6. MODCLOTH Just a Jaunt Flat

7. FOREVER 21 Color Cascade Lacquered Bangle Set

8. DAVID YURMAN Exotic Essence Perfume

Faithful Highlights

Highlights are details or events we pick out and emphasize as being important, the best part, exciting or interesting (Merriam-Webster). God blesses us each day we are alive; with every breath we take. This is a result of His grace and mercy.

Faithful Highlights

Quite often we talk about how faithful we are to God (or should be). Let’s take time each day to dwell on how faithful He is to us. When we do this, we remember faithful highlights — those events in our lives where we say,“God showed up and showed out!” What are we really saying? God manifested His power and presence in a spectacular way — to us. Without a doubt salvation is one of the most spectacular and life changing events. Maybe another faithful highlight was healing, deliverance, breaking an addiction, provision, sparing our lives, mending a broken heart, etc.

The children of Israel definitely had some faithful highlights, most notably their deliverance out of Egypt by the hand of the One Almighty and Living God. We tend to rehearse our faithful highlights. They are our testimonies. Keeping them in the forefront helps us to stay in a place of gratitude. God is great, and He is worthy of all the praise.

What about you? How has God proven His faithfulness in your life?



Colorful Pleats: Tank Dress & Maxi Skirt


Pleats are so forgiving, especially in long skirts and dresses. The Colorful Pleats set features a pleated tank dress and maxi skirt in multi from Alice + Olivia. I chose a red and purple sandal from Zara, red Lulu Guinness shoulder bag and wide double strap belt to complement the dress/skirt.

The model that you see is wearing the Alice + Olivia Colbie Pleated Tank Dress. Wouldn’t you know there was a skirt with the same print?! I paired the Alice + Olivia Shannon Pleated Maxi Skirt with a black tank. Voilà!

Colorful Pleats


Colorful Aero Teen Girl Tops

Aéropostale has some cute and colorful Aero teen girl tops. For a casual look, pair one of their tees with a denim skirt on one of your Denim Skirt Days.