Beach Hair Beauty {Style Tips}

Wishing for beautiful beach hair? Follow along with these easy steps to get the beach hair look. Enjoy!

Beach Hair Beauty

Creating the Perfect Brows

Thick eyebrows are in (again). Why on earth do we follow eyebrow trends to begin with? Fortunately, there are some guides to help us on the perfect arch journey. It’s always been my opinion to shape your brows according to the eyebrow shaping diagram. The diagram is great because it is a guide based on your face, not a template.

The points on the diagram show where the eyebrows should begin and end; and where the arch should be.

Perfect Brows


A properly sculpted brow defines the eye, frames the face, and gives a more polished appearance.

After tweezing, threading or waxing, shape, define and fill in brows. Use a brow pencil, cream, wax, gel or powder. Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Defining Cream ($20) is available in several shades to fill and define your brows. An oldie but goody powder formula is the Clinque Brow Shaper ($15). For a long lasting look, try a waterproof formula, like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color ($21).

Perfect Brows2

Source: via ModelMeGirl on Pinterest

If you want to do without added color, but need to smooth down your eyebrows, try a transparent pencil like Givenchy Mister Eyebrow Fixing Pencil ($23) or Sephora Collection Clear Lash & Eyebrow Mascara ($10).

Kits to Get You Started

Not everyone is brave enough to follow the eyebrow diagram. Thankfully there are some decent kits that come with everything to get you started—stencils included. Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows & Eyes ($39.50) comes with brow wax cream, brow powders, stencils and eye shadow duo.

Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit ($35) is loaded and comes with:

  • Brow Setting Wax
  • Highlighter
  • Brow Powders
  • Brow Pencil
  • Mini tweezers
  • Mini brushes
  • Plastic brow stencils
  • Step-by-step guide

Still not brave enough to take create the perfect brows on your own? Don’t fret. Just head to the nearest salon or brow specialist.

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