Infographic: Teen ‘Back to School’ Cosmetic Surgery Trend

Model Me Girl

Some teens are doing whatever it takes to get approval from their peers and friends about their looks. Their parents are helping with this ‘pursuit of perfection’ with the price of cosmetic surgery. How far is to far—especially when bullying is part of the equation?

I understand the mind and feelings of teens with acne and acne scarring, because I was once there. As an adult, I ventured off to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians—paying heavy prices to obtain perfect skin. Oh yeah, my skin still isn’t perfect! I can’t tell you all the products I’ve ordered over the years. What a waste. But I do know the weight and toll ‘imperfect’ skin plays on the hearts and minds of teens and adults—especially females. The wicked world of negative self-image!

Does all the cosmetic surgery (I’ve never had any done, btw…) actually heal hearts and minds, and solve self-image and bullying problems? Weigh in on it. Check out this infographic and tell us what you think.

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cosmetic surgery the new back to school trend
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Creating the Perfect Brows

Thick eyebrows are in (again). Why on earth do we follow eyebrow trends to begin with? Fortunately, there are some guides to help us on the perfect arch journey. It’s always been my opinion to shape your brows according to the eyebrow shaping diagram. The diagram is great because it is a guide based on your face, not a template.

The points on the diagram show where the eyebrows should begin and end; and where the arch should be.

Perfect Brows


A properly sculpted brow defines the eye, frames the face, and gives a more polished appearance.

After tweezing, threading or waxing, shape, define and fill in brows. Use a brow pencil, cream, wax, gel or powder. Make Up Forever Waterproof Eyebrow Defining Cream ($20) is available in several shades to fill and define your brows. An oldie but goody powder formula is the Clinque Brow Shaper ($15). For a long lasting look, try a waterproof formula, like Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color ($21).

Perfect Brows2

Source: via ModelMeGirl on Pinterest

If you want to do without added color, but need to smooth down your eyebrows, try a transparent pencil like Givenchy Mister Eyebrow Fixing Pencil ($23) or Sephora Collection Clear Lash & Eyebrow Mascara ($10).

Kits to Get You Started

Not everyone is brave enough to follow the eyebrow diagram. Thankfully there are some decent kits that come with everything to get you started—stencils included. Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows & Eyes ($39.50) comes with brow wax cream, brow powders, stencils and eye shadow duo.

Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit ($35) is loaded and comes with:

  • Brow Setting Wax
  • Highlighter
  • Brow Powders
  • Brow Pencil
  • Mini tweezers
  • Mini brushes
  • Plastic brow stencils
  • Step-by-step guide

Still not brave enough to take create the perfect brows on your own? Don’t fret. Just head to the nearest salon or brow specialist.

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12 Natural Beauty Remedies

This infographic of 12 Amazing Natural Beauty Remedies is from Picklee. Stop by there to see the full-size image.


natural beauty remedies


How to Make a Cascade/Waterfall Braid

Now you can learn how to make a cascade/waterfall braid. Check out the video tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles. In the video, Mindy’s hair is short. She demonstrates your hair doesn’t have to be super long to pull off this style.

DIY Cascade Waterfall Braid

Skin Care Review: Pond’s Clarant B3


 I was bopping around Anchorage and was in serious need of a moisturizer. My beautiful brown and oily/acne prone skin had dried out from recirculated cabin air and Alaska’s so called spring. I stumbled upon Pond’s Clarant B3 Anti-Dark Moisturizing Cream by accident.

I was at one of my favorite stores—Target. The moisturizer was trial size in the travel section, cheap (under 2 bucks), and supposedly evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Continue Reading

Shaping a Healthy Body Image

Body Image LoveDo you have a healthy body image? When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the reflection? A healthy body image is one that is positive. Many girls have negative body images—they don’t like what they see.

Causes of a Negative Body Image

Did you know our family members and friends can pressure us to adopt an unhealthy body image? Teasing and weight gain can also negatively affect us. However, most of our pressure comes from the media.

Girls, young and old, are pressured to look like what TV, the Internet, magazines and billboards show us. But none of those “looks” are realistic. In America, we’re taught to look like Barbie®, be as tall and thin as super models and stay young forever. There’s so much wrong with these teachings. Continue Reading

Understanding Body Shapes


Body Shapes






What is a body shape?

A body shape consists of the contours and proportions of your body, including the waistline.  Bone structure, muscles and fat all play a part.

There are four basic/traditional shapes used to categorize the shape of a woman’s body: apple, banana, hourglass and pear.

The shapes of women’s bodies can vary beyond the four basic shapes. With this in mind, we’ll focus on six possible body shapes, instead of four. Continue Reading

What to Wear: Precious Heart Ornaments


Last night, I got together what I was going to wear today—a cute blue and red pattern sundress with a cropped denim vest for layering. (Yes, it was that hot today where I am located.)

But when I got up this morning, I changed my mind about what to wear today.

I thought, instead, to make it a Denim Skirt Day. I ironed a denim skirt; then I brought three more downstairs—making it a total of four denim skirts to choose from. I ironed denim skirt #2—conscious of denim skirts three and four I had on the sidelines just in case I changed my mind again.

I settled on denim skirt #2. But wait, there’s more. Continue Reading

Israeli Law Bans Super Thin Models in Ads


The Israeli fashion industry is up for a challenge now that Israel has passed a law banning super thin models in ads.

Advertisements featuring underweight models influence young girls to emulate the unhealthy look they see. The measure was taken to “protect” young girls who may feel pressure to do extreme diets, or become anorexic or bulimic to look like super models. Continue Reading

Oh My! Headbands & Head Wraps

A woman’s long hair is a glory to her (1 Corin. 11:15). Add some flair with feather, bead, crystal, or leather braided headbands and head wraps. Headbands and head wraps can be worn with your casual or formal attire. Wear your headband or head wrap across the forehead for an exotic look.


Oh My-Headbands-and-Headwraps