Boots to Wear: It’s Time to Choose Yours

With the official first day of winter just four days away, many of us have an important fashion question in mind—What kind of boots to wear? I love wearing boots but sometimes I even skip buying them, and think that winter is here for a short time. Why invest in boots when I already have a pair with me? But I have changed the way I think and I feel. Wearing boots is a must in winter and it will be unfair to your wardrobe, style and yourself if you don’t invest in at least one pair of great boots for this season. There is a variety of boots available in stores—from casual to formal, to leather and warm woolen boots.

When it comes to winter boots for women, there are thousands of different boots. Women  can choose among many styles, fabrics and type of heel they prefer. There are no limits.

Long Boots

Carlos by Carlos Santana at ShopStyle


You can choose long boots, which are the most popular. Long winter boots are easy to wear and the perfect winter footwear. You don’t get snow in them and they keep you warm from the freezing cold. Long boots are made of fur, leather, suede and man-made materials. Long boots often go up to and over your knees. Although high heels are not the most functional winter boots, you can get winter boots with different heels to match your style and personality.

Flat Winter Boots

I personally think flat winter boots are the most versatile ones to go with any outfit. They look super chic. Suede boots for women can suit casual wear, as well as formal wear. They can be a comfortable and easy fit. Suede boots are available for different dresses in different designs and patterns like ankle-length suede boots, knee-length suede boots and thigh-high suede boots. You can also get variations in size and style of toes—square, pointy, round—and heel of suede boots for women.

Knee-High Boots

The knee-high boots for women can be worn with dresses and skirts, such as with a short or mid-length skirt worn with stockings or leggings. They come in many colors as well as designs and patterns. They can be made of materials like synthetic rubber, polyvinyl carbonate or from pure leather. These boots can also be given a party look by making them glossy, shiny or sparkly.

I am definitely going to buy some cool and designer boots for myself. What about you? I am also buying some woolen and warm boots for my casual and chilly winter.

Coldwater Creek at ShopStyle


Author’s Bio: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert with ‘The House of Elegance Fashion’. She is one of the most prominent and active online fashion bloggers and has a huge fan following in varied parts of the globe that believe in her style statements and stick to her for advice.

Black & Gold Shoe Inspiration

Ephesians 5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.

Circumspectly: watchful, discreet, prudent, carefully, cautiously; prudently considering all circumstances and consequences; wary.

Be shoe-inspired and walk circumspectly.

Fashionable Rain Boots

Model Me Girl

It’s raining today where I’m located. Sometimes we take wet weather fashion for granted. Most of us don’t appreciate a good pair of rain boots until we’re caught in the rain without them (Guilty!).

Be inspired with fashionable rain boots.

Summer Boots to Fit Your Style

I love all kinds of shoes, but boots are my absolute favorite. Summer boots at the Anchorage Museum inspired this post. There’s nothing wrong with dashing boot-clad through the city in mid-90 degree weather.

Loving: Jimmy Choo ‘Tailor’ Boot Sandal

Loving: Jeffrey Campbell Orange City Slicker Boot for Ashbury Skies

Loving: Peep-Toe Knitted Leather Boots

Loving: Brass Embroidered Boots

Loving: Giambattista Valli Python Laced Low Boots

Loving: Ciznia Araia Brushed Pony Thong Low Boots

Loving: Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Boot

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Fashion Find: Bejeweled Colombia Haus of Price Heel

COLOMBIA HAUS OF PRICE HEEL is beyond dazzling. Each stone on the Colombia Haus of Price Heel was affixed by hand. Finding something to “go” with this heel won’t be a problem with all of the colorful eye-popping jewels.

Fashion Find: Messeca Pink Tie-Dye Wedge Sandal


MESSECA ‘CORALINE’ PINK TIE-DYE WEDGE in leather with wooden heel/platform from Ashbury Skies