Sew Crafty: DIY Shirt Skirt

Piece of cake! I can so do this shirt skirt. You can, too.



  • Over-sized dress shirt
  • Elastic thread
  • Elastic band
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (or needle & thread)

To Do

  • Measure for desired length and cut the shirt accordingly.
  • Place elastic band at top, fold fabric over it and sew.
  • Sew the two arms together to make it a belt.
  • Add belt loops with left over material or from any fabric you want to use.
  • Wear the shirt skirt.
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DIY: How to Lengthen a Short Shirt

We’re long overdue for a crafty DIY project. When I saw this tutorial on how to lengthen a short shirt, I couldn’t help but think of the modest ladies who want a little extra coverage. Perhaps your t-shirt mysteriously shrank in the wash. Maybe you’re tall or have a long torso. Or maybe there was a tee in the store you couldn’t live without, but it needs an upgrade to fit your (more) modest style.

Although I love layering and the handy-dandy tank top, depending on the fabric, sometimes the fit is not as smooth as you’d like.

So, how can you lengthen a short shirt? By adding a band!

There are many fabric prints on the market. Choose something that fits your style and tee.


  • T-shirt
  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Stick pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle/thread (if done by hand)
  • Dress marking pencil
  • Iron

Easy Peasy Instructions

  • Determine how many inches you want to add to your shirt. You may want to add a band to the waist area, for example.
  • Measure where you want to add the band and mark your horizontal line with a dress marking pencil.
  • Cut the shirt in half where you marked it.
  • Measure and cut your strips, keeping in mind how many inches you want to add to the shirt.
  • Sew your strips, making allowances for the seams.
  • Iron your seams.
  • Wear your creative masterpiece with confidence.

For details on the step-by-step process, trek over to Discover. Create. Live.

DIY: Bleach Pen T-Shirt

Model Me Girl

Hey, DIY dolls! You can use your bleach pens to make a cute design on a t-shirt.


  • Bleach pen
  • T-shirt
  • Stencil (optional)
  • Cardboard or wax paper (Whatever’s handy to put inside the shirt so bleach doesn’t bleed through to other side.)

 How To

  • Draw your design with the bleach pen.
  • Let bleach sit 10 minutes or more, depending on the fabric and type of bleach pen used.
  • Wash & dry the shirt.
  • Wear the shirt.

For more info, check out Show, Tell, Share.

DIY Bleach Pen Shirt


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How to Modest-fy a Short Denim Skirt

Model Me Girl

Lovelies, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. That may mean taking on a little DIY project in the form of a refashion. There are quite a few tutorials on how to make a denim skirt out of jeans, as well as how to add tiers to the bottom of the revamped jeans to denim skirt. Let’s take an easier route. Why not buy a short denim skirt and long boho skirt, and add the two together? Sounds like a match made on a sewing machine. In case you’re sewing machine challenged, this can be done by hand.

How to Modest-fy a Short Denim Skirt

Carlos by Carlos Santana Trinidad Blue ($54.99)

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DIY: Colored Shoe Soles

For all the DIY shoe-loving ladies, here’s a great DIY project to color the soles of your shoes. Your weapon of creativity: nail polish. Isn’t that genius?! Thank you, Fashionlushxx for this tutorial.

I always encourage people to read the comments on DIY projects. You can learn a lot of new tips and ideas that way. One commenter suggested using Mod Podge to seal the color versus a nail polish top coat. Yep, I have some Mod Podge. This is a must do. Let’s see how it turns out. Perhaps another blog post in the making…

Hop on over to the site to see the Fashionlushxx DIY Colored Soles step-by-step instructions.

DIY Colored Shoe Soles

Refashion: Jeans to Denim Skirt Tutorial


My sewing abilities are very limited, but I’m learning how to do more with a needle and thread. What would modest fashion be without some refashion? You know, alterations and upcycling.

Instead of reinventing the wheel (you really don’t need ME to do a sewing tutorial!), I fetched two tutorials. One is a video tutorial. The other is for the print babies (like me) who like to read along.

Follow the cookie crumbs and enjoy!