‘Get Glammed’ With Brooches

These are not your grandmother’s brooches. Okay, maybe they are. Vintage is nice. Whether timeless treasures, hot off the costume jewelry display, from your craft corner or high–end jewelry boutique, you can get glammed with brooches.












I’m a fan of denim jackets and vests. (Can you tell by the sets I design?) I like to go glam with a nice brooch every now and then. It adds great contrast—the casualness of the denim adorned with an elegant statement piece—the brooch. There are so many designs to choose from, although I’m more of the sparkle type.

Denim and Brooch


Hold the Sparkle

Maybe you don’t like rhinestones or diamonds. If you’re not a fan of the glitz and glam, you can always opt for a resin brooch, go geek chic, err on the side of “artsy couture” or pick up a classic piece like this vintage Chanel stag brooch.

Chanel Brooch













Set of three resin brooches

A Wee Bit of Sparkle

Some ladies want a little sparkle without feeling overpowered by it. A wee bit of sparkle is for you.

moustache brooch










Shirt and Tie Brooch

More Style Ideas

Trust me when I say brooches are not limited to jackets and tops. Pin one on a sash, your boots, or go all out and make a brooch bouquet.

Boots and Brooches

Brooch bouquet











Giving the Gift of Pearls this Winter

Winter is now coming to an end and for those with wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or any form of celebration over the coming months, it can sometimes be difficult to think of an ideal gift for someone special. Fine pearl jewelry is an excellent example of a gift that a woman will always appreciate and love for considerable time to come.

Classic elegance and sophistication has made luxury pearls such a mainstay of gift giving. With a complexity of color and a flattering luster, these unique gems are simply magical. Anyone lucky enough to receive a luxury pearl necklace or a breath-taking pair of pearl earrings this winter will certainly find it difficult to hide their delight.

If you are thinking of finding some beautiful pearl gifts over the next few months, the exquisite examples of luxury pearl jewelry below may help you—regardless of the occasion for which you are thinking about.

Multi-Colored Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace

Multi-Colored Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace

An undeniably elegant sautoir pearl necklace would be the perfect gift for a birthday or wedding anniversary. This superbly stylish rope style pearl necklace will acquire admirers aplenty for the sensuous lavender, apricot and pink colors of its pearls. These pearls are cultured in Freshwater mussels in southern China and would look divine when paired with a long, flowing winter coat.

 Pink Button Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings

Pink Button Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearls have a unique quality to their luster that brings them to life and makes them truly stand out from the crowds. The wonderfully attractive pink button Freshwater pearl earrings depicted would be an ideal gift for a mother, daughter or girlfriend, such is their instant appeal and pretty color. The excellent earrings shown are finished with an 18 carat yellow gold ear post and will match extremely well with winter colors.

White Keshi Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

White Keshi Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

This unusual pearl bracelet will certainly be a well-received Valentine’s Day gift for any woman and this type of jewelry also proves extremely popular for other special occasions. The white Keshi Freshwater bracelet pictured is something a little out of the ordinary and the unusual and non-symmetrical appearance of the pearls adds to their appeal. The word ‘keshi’ means ‘poppy’ in Japanese, so be sure to remember this fact if you plan on giving this exceptional Freshwater pearl bracelet as a gift this winter.

*All jewelry images are copyright and used with permission of Winterson Pearl Jewellery.
Author’s Bio: Leo Parker is a luxury lifestyle and fashion blogger with a love of the finer things in life. He regularly writes content on behalf of a number of lifestyle and luxury blogs and magazines.