Understanding Body Shapes


Body Shapes






What is a body shape?

A body shape consists of the contours and proportions of your body, including the waistline.  Bone structure, muscles and fat all play a part.

There are four basic/traditional shapes used to categorize the shape of a woman’s body: apple, banana, hourglass and pear.

The shapes of women’s bodies can vary beyond the four basic shapes. With this in mind, we’ll focus on six possible body shapes, instead of four. Continue Reading

Israeli Law Bans Super Thin Models in Ads


The Israeli fashion industry is up for a challenge now that Israel has passed a law banning super thin models in ads.

Advertisements featuring underweight models influence young girls to emulate the unhealthy look they see. The measure was taken to “protect” young girls who may feel pressure to do extreme diets, or become anorexic or bulimic to look like super models. Continue Reading