Natural Beauty Effects

When I think of natural beauty effects, I picture an array of earth tones — green, brown, tan and metallic, with hints of peach, orange, berry and earthy plums. These beauty effects add subtle highlights and textures that don’t overpower the wearer. You’re left with, “Wow, you look beautiful,” versus “I like your makeup.”

Natural beauty effects keep the focus on a fresh, lovely face and not the paint. You’re drawn into the lady’s eyes, smile and unique features, and not the drama of a brow or color of a shadow.

What are your perceptions of natural beauty effects?

Natural Beauty Effects - Model Me Girl


1. Lord & Berry Pressed Powder
2. Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara
3. E.L.F. Baked Eye Shadow
4. Chanel Coco Noir Parfum
5. Vincent Longo Baby Dome Eyeshadow Palette, Terrachino
6. Lord and Berry Black Eyeliner
7. Borghese Professional Select Brush Kit

Seeing Red and Black Checks

If you’ve heard of the idiom seeing red, you know it means to be angry. Although turning red or flush in the face can hint at embarrassment or as the result of heart-pumping activity, it’s also common for people to turn red when angry. Of course I don’t want you to see red. Relax and smile! We’re going in the direction of red and black check patterns with the Check Red fashion set.

Red and Black

Red and black are intense colors on their own. They make an even richer statement when used together. Serious. Powerful. Mysterious. Danger. But a check pattern tones down some of the intensity and gives your eyes something to play with. The check pattern can also appear more youthful depending on the width of the lines in the pattern.

Style It

I styled this set around the red and black check dress with lace trim. The trim plays double duty by softening the dress and adding a little drama. I’m sure I’m on repeat when I say I’m a big fan of boots. The selected booties are edgy – just the way I like them.

Gold-toned jewelry polishes up the set. The tassel necklace creates a fine balance with the lace trim. Blanket coats are on trend this season. Wrap up in saucy red one or opt for sophisticated black.


The Check Red set includes:

Lanvin Oversized Blanket Coat • $3,275.00
1928 Signature Gold-Toned Braided Chain Tassel Necklace • $48.00
Cutie Red Check Lace Hem Dress £34.00
ZAC Zac Poen Eartha Soft Top Handle Satchel Handbag • $495.00–595.00
Inverni Velour Fedora • $99.00
Spanish & Sisters Three Stone Red White Black Ring • 35€
BCBGMAXAZRIA Bari Exotic Combo Lace-Up Day Bootie • $350.00

More Checks

What would a post be without more inspiration? Enjoy the check patterns with staple red and black pieces below.


Beauty Kit Prescription – December 2014 Edition

Beauty kits can be as simple or glamorized as you’d like. Maybe you have a kit with everyday beauty staples. Or perhaps you’re one with a glam kit, with everything from shimmers to color correctors.

Every now and then, there’s a product (or four) that are worthy to be added to a kit. The December 2014 Edition of the Beauty Kit Prescription includes some goodies you may just want to try. They’re mostly makeup goodies with some lip treatments.


Included in the Set:

Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray • $14.00–30.00
Smashbox ‘Try It’ Kit ($52 Value) •  $19.00
Essie ‘Back in the Limo’ Nail Polish • $8.50
Nars Multiple Makeup Stick – NM Beauty Award Finalist 2012! • $39.00
Urban Decay ‘Naked2’ Palette • $54.00
NYX ‘Slim’ Lip Pencil •  $3.50
Maybelline Fit Me Maybelline® Fit Me® Blush •$3.89–4.49
Bliss fabulips Kit • $45.00
Charlotte Tilbury ‘Color Chameleon’ Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil • $26.00


Beauty Kit Rx Highlights

The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Color Chameleon’ Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil is infused with synthetic sapphire. Sounds like a great conversation piece. If you’re looking to try before you buy full sizes, the Smashbox Try It Kit features some of its bestsellers:

  1. Photo Finish
  2. Foundation Primer
  3. Photo Finish Lid Primer
  4. Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume
  5. Full Exposure Mascara
  6. Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx

Essie’s ‘Back in the Limo‘ polish is a sheer red-blue shade. Urban Decay’s ‘Naked2’ Palette includes matte and shimmer eye shadows in 12 taupe-hued neutral shades.  The Bliss Fabulips Kit is spa treatment for your lips. Spa-la-la! It includes the following:

  1. Lip cleanser
  2. Sugar lip scrub
  3. Lip plumper
  4. Lip balm

Nars Multiple Makeup Stick is a multi-purpose, cream-to-powder, all-in-one stick. Apply to eyes, cheeks, lips and body for a sheer color and hint of shimmer.

What’s in your beauty kit?

Simple Luxe Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is filled with love, good food and delight. I call this Thanksgiving Table set Simple Luxe. The fresh and simple is reflected in the white handcrafted Maison Versailles Blanc plates, classic serveware and crystal stemware. Purple is considered a royal color, which adds an element of luxury to the table setting.

Thanksgiving Table Simple Luxe_Model Me Girl

Elegant Thanksgiving Table

Here’s a little sweet Thanksgiving Table Decor inspiration. It’s all elegant with lots of metallics!

Elegant Thanksgiving Table - Model Me

Be Content

How easy it is to become discontented. Life doesn’t go the way we expect. Dreams fade. People disappoint. We have things but no peace. We have less than we want and feel neglected. We grasp and grab, but end up empty-handed.

Content: state of satisfaction; peaceful happiness; satisfied; pleased; happy; cheerful; untroubled; unworried

The Apostle Paul wrote that he learned “how to be” in whatever state he was found. He learned to be content. What a marvelous thought to know how to be full and hungry; how to have plenty and suffer need.

Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

I love how Paul stated he learned this. We are not innately wired to do this, but a series of lessons and application bring about this learning.

Food & Clothes

I’ve pondered about contentment. Just like you, I’ve felt discontented about many things in this life. But I keep going back to what 1 Timothy 6:8 says.

And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

Do you have food? Do you have clothes? Be content. You may not have all of your desires, but if your basic needs are met, be content. God will never leave me nor forsake me—these are things I tell myself.

Jesus told us to not be troubled, cast our cares on Him, be of good cheer and to be anxious or worried for nothing. What was He saying? Be content. Even when it looks like you or I have nothing, we have everything. We have Jesus.

Hugs & Love!


Finding the Perfect Fall Maxi Dress

Building the perfect wardrobe involves acquiring pieces that flow from one season into the next. It’s easy to make a transition from summer to fall with a maxi dress. Enter denim jackets, leather jackets, scarves, hoodies, boots and blazers. Sometimes we want a maxi dress that makes a fall statement on its own. Long sleeves make it easy, as well as colors that reflect the season.

From Sandals to Boot(ies)


I searched for the perfect fall maxi dress. There really isn’t a perfect maxi dress that suits every lady across the board, but you can find one that works for you. There’s a dress silhouette that complements your body type. Of course your style personality and color palette are also important. You’ll go from sandals to boots and booties!

Maybe you want simple or you’re the type who goes for bold. In the line-up below, I’m particularly fond of the Pop Graffiti and Peace Dove maxi dresses by Choies. What do you think? Here’s to the transitional maxi dress!

Maxi Dresses

Pop Graffiti Long Sleeves Maxi Dress – Limited Edition • Choies • $93.99
Charles Henry Country Floral Maxi Dress • Anthropologie • $228.00
Long Sleeve Maxi Dress • Karen Kane • $118.00
Blue Stripe Long Sleeves Maxi Dress – Limited Edition• Choies • $63.99
Gray Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dress – Limited Edition • Choies • $60.99
Long-Sleeve Tie-Dye Maxi Dress • INC International Concepts • $84.99
Long-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Maxi Dress • Alternative Apparel • $59.99
Hooded Maxi Dress – Black • H&M • $29.95
Peace Dove Maxi Dress – Limited Edition • Choies • $113.99


True Autumn Color Inspiration

True autumn is also called warm autumn.  The true autumn color palette features a lovely range of golden, brown, tawny and green colors that suit a warm skin tone with yellow undertones.

The True Autumn Color Fashion Set reflects typical autumn colors in fashion and accessories.


Autumn Showstoppers

We undoubtedly associate the colors of red and orange crackling leaves, squash, pumpkin and corn with autumn. But these rich and warm colors are not the only fall showstoppers. Beautiful shades of purple, pink, gray and blue are also true autumn colors. Yes, periwinkle, turquoise and violet are perfect autumn shades. Surprised? Just look around and be inspired!


photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc
photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin cc
photo credit: bruce… via photopin cc
photo credit: mendhak via photopin cc
photo credit: Anne Worner via photopin cc

Skirt Girl Edition: Capsule Wardrobe Process

I’m in the beginning stages of building a capsule wardrobe. This is the Skirt Girl Edition. I’ve done the easy part so far; filled a bin with what I call “final contestant clothes” — items I’m going to try on and decide what goes in the give-away bin and what stays. We’ll soon find out who the winners are.

I have a planned process. I’m sure it’ll be refined along the way. After careful consideration, I don’t plan on doing an all or nothing capsule wardrobe, but building mini-capsules based on function. For example, I’ll have a workout capsule, casual-wear capsule, professional-wear, etc. These pieces, minus the workout items, will have some clothes that fit in more than one capsule. I wear both casual and professional clothes to church, so both capsules will suit that function.

Build Capsule Wardrobe -Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander2

My Process

  1. Complete a clothes assessment; which includes trying on clothes before the great giveaway. The most important questions to answer are, “Am I really going to wear it?” and “Have I worn it yet?” There are some things I’ve held on for too long and it’s time to say goodbye.  Some things I’ve never worn. Then I have some great quality and classic pieces that are going nowhere.
  2. Complete a color analysis coupled with considering what items I love and feel most confident wearing.
  3. Pair and coordinate items based on my body type, color analysis, season and function.
  4. Put aside any items I’m unsure about until I decide what to do with them. Donate what’s in the donation bin.
  5. Make a list of essential items I need in my main capsule. This is also called filling holes in my wardrobe.

I don’t feel the need to make a list of my clothing items until I’ve separated the clothes I’m going to donate from the keepers. Also, I started making a list of what I do and where I go, but I stopped because I found it unnecessary. Like most people, much of what I do is routine. As long as I can group my clothes into mini capsules that are generic; like casual, professional, workout/sports, etc., that’s good enough for me.

I’ll continue to update you on the progress I’ve made. Stay tuned!

Modest Fashion Stylist 101: Rectangle Body Shape

If you are a rectangle, your body shape is the most common among women. Forty-six percent of American women are rectangle. This shape is also called ruler, straight and banana.

Kate Hudson is an example of a rectangle. Curvy or full-figure ladies can also be rectangles.

Kate Hudson


•Bust, hip and waist measurements are nearly the same
•Waist is straight and not very defined
•Typically has a small bust, but not always
•Backside tends to be more flat than round
•Not many curves
• May appear to have more of an athletic or boxy look
•Straight legs, but may be shapely
•Straight shoulder line

Add Balance

One woman may want to celebrate her awesome athletic look by wearing a fitted sheath, classic shift or shirt dress. These silhouettes reinforce the rectangle shape.

Another woman may want to create curves that aren’t naturally there on a rectangle shape. You can modify the appearance of your body shape and add curves with certain types of clothes. This is what we call adding balance.



Ruffle dresses are your friends, especially if worn near the bust or shoulders. Other dresses that suit your body shape include the wrap dress; dresses with rouching or cinching, especially on the sides (hips); gathering at waist & bust-line; dresses with a flared skirt and empire waist. Belted and banded dresses work especially well because they add definition to your waist. Dresses with front or side pockets look great on you, too.

Modest Fashion Styling Tips

The rectangle shape tends to have a straight shoulder line. Some stylists suggest opening up the neck area by showing cleavage. But it’s really not necessary to wear a deep-V just to draw attention away from your shoulders. You have the option of wearing a nice V-neck, sweetheart neckline or scoop neck dress that doesn’t dip too far down. If it does dip more than you’d like, a nice cami or smooth tank underneath can solve some modesty issues. Modesty4Me has high-neck camis. No pulling and tugging at sliding camis!

If you’re worried a cami or tank may bunch underneath or add unnecessary bulk, there are clip-on mock camisoles available. I bought a pack of five from Gordman’s. I’m not sure of the manufacturer, but it included a white, black, nude and 2 animal print mock camisoles.

Another tip to manage deep V-necks is to wear a statement necklace or lovely scarf. Perhaps choose a dress that has beautiful buttons, tiers or ruffles down the center of the bust area. These tips still handle the “draw attention away from your shoulders” suggestion without compromising modesty.


310 x 115 banner.jpg

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