Adorned for Christ

I believe fashion is one of the hardest areas for many Christian women to surrender to Christ. There’s so much that comes at us across media and in our personal circles. For those of us who grew up in the West, the culture of individualism is a hallmark of our identity, and we believe we sacrifice who we are if we cannot style ourselves outside of the Bible’s commands. And that is just too much sacrificing for some. But the Word of God instructs us to adorn ourselves in modest apparel.

Adorn: to enhance the appearance of; to enliven; to decorate; to make beautiful; beautify; deck

Heart Check

Are you dressing in a manner that is pleasing to Christ? The world socializes us from an early age that to be scantily clad (wear little to no clothing or be inadequately clothed ) makes us appealing. But if we use God’s perspective, we will see that He tells us that to dress with modesty makes us beautiful. His Word is truth.

Many of us see the truth. We just have trouble accepting the truth because it means we must sacrifice more of self.

God wants His daughters to dress with modesty. He wants us to be beautiful in His sight.

God is so wise. He not only tells us how we should be dressed outwardly, but also inwardly. He covers all the bases from the natural to the spiritual.


For some women, fashion is a stronghold.

If Jesus asked some of us to empty our closets and change our style for His, and to follow Him, many of us would walk away sorrowful, just like the young rich ruler. His stronghold was money. He couldn’t let it go for Christ. What about you? Would you say you’ve spent too much money on the  immodest apparel you have? Would you say you’re too popular or known for your immodest style and can’t part with it?

So many of us will believe everything the Bible has to say until it steps on our toes and challenges us on that thing we don’t want to let go of. We’ll justify, rationalize and philosophize our way into being comfortable living in disobedience. That’s until we’re convicted again, and we do the whole justify, rationalize and philosophize dance until the flesh is pacified.

But God is saying surrender to Him. He really does want it all.

Have you surrendered your wardrobe to the One who wants to robe you in righteousness?