Thrifty Fashion: Where’s the Lining?

I love thrifting. There are essentials when it comes to finding great fashion on the thrift store run.

The presence or absence of lining makes a world of difference when it comes to skirts, dresses, jackets and blazers. I have a habit of looking inside the garment to check for lining.

Lining offers quality, smoothness and convenience. When given a choice, I go for the piece with the lining versus the one without.

Purpose of Lining

1. Built-in Slip

When it comes to skirts and dresses, lining functions as a built-in slip. This is definitely a convenience and the most obvious purpose of lining. If the skirt or dress is a bit see-through or you want a smoother fit, you don’t have to run around for the appropriate color and length of slip.

2. Protects the Fabric & Body

Lining—even in children’s clothes—provides a layer between the fabric and body, creating durability. Lining protects the fabric against friction and moisture from the body.

Some fabrics irritate the skin. Lining protects the body from irritation from fabric, such as wool.

3. Adds Warmth

Interlining and removable lining in jackets, coats and rain coats add warmth.

4. Polishes the Finished Product

Lining is great for hiding unsightly seams and thread. Lining polishes the finished product and adds a wow factor. It takes additional time to add lining.

6. Lining is Fashionable

Have you seen a jacket or blazer with an awesome patterned lining? This creates contrast and makes the piece more fashionable. I even dare to say, luxurious.

Thrifty Fashion Finds

I found two nice skirts with lining on my most recent thrifting run. The wool-nylon blend Brooks Brothers skirt and khaki Banana Republic skirt was $3.99 each.

I took pics of the skirts to show the lining.



  1. love your take on this! not really something i think about when thrifting, but it totally makes sense!

    xoxo linds
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