Fitness Motivation from Russia with Love

Who said your vitality has to diminish when you’re older?! You CAN stay healthy and active with daily health maintenance.

I have health coached quite a few people. Over time, I’ve heard practically every excuse a person can give who wants the benefits of good health without putting in the work.

I call it the “Make Me Fine Without Me Putting in Time Syndrome.”

Here are a few tips to help squash this syndrome:

  1. Gym equipment or membership is not needed.
  2. Obsession with calorie counting, weigh-ins, or food labels need not rear its head.
  3. You do not have to run your way to fitness or do ultra-high intensity workouts, unless you WANT to.
  4. A pre-sculpted body is not necessary to begin working out.
  5. If the buddy system is a crutch, you’ll never get anywhere waiting for your friend to start, too. Get motivated for you.

If this darling woman can exercise, what’s your excuse? Get motivated to be healthy. Good health is a gift from God. Squeeze all the little profit you can get out of bodily exercise and use it for doing His will and to enjoy this beautiful experience we call life.

Russian Grandma Fitness