Body Image & Eating Disorders: Too Fat, Too Skinny

Model Me Girl

It is sad to see young girls obsessing over their weight, whether they think they are too fat or too skinny. When I was a young girl, I had a serious issue with people calling me all kinds of names for being thin. As a result, I went in the opposite direction and became obsessed with gaining weight (which was a fail). At a young age, I made myself very sick force-feeding myself. My mother caught me, and she snapped me right back into reality. It was the fear I saw in her eyes that made me promise to never repeat what I had done. She told me I could kill myself doing what I did. I didn’t want to die. I just wanted to gain weight. Remembering her fear-stricken face, I never ate like that again trying to pack on the pounds.

The Power of Words

Many people don’t understand the power of their words. We can kill or give life with what we say. For the longest, it was so hard for me to accept my thinness, among other things. By the grace of God, I’m okay with it today—thinness and all. This is how God made me. When He made me, He saw that His design was beyond good. God’s design of me was, and is, very good. The same goes for you.

Boy, do I wish I could go back in time and take back all the self-esteem and opportunities I lost because I was wrapped up in what other people thought about how I looked.

The devil is a time snatcher. He will have you focusing on all the wrong things for far too long. Wasted time, and for what?

Love Yourself

It’s a dream of mine to tell and convince every girl I can—whether she’s still a girl or now a woman—to love herself, and not waste time wishing she looked like this or like that. To accept her beauty and identity in Jesus Christ. Who dictates these beauty standards, anyhow? Too fat, too skinny. Hair too curly, too straight. Skin too black, skin too pale.

As for me, the ones who were the most damaging to my perceptions of self and body image were not other children. Yes, they teased and inflicted their degree of harm. But it was the adults—mainly “church” folk—who would cut me down after service, asking me if I needed a “get fat diet,” and who joked if my sisters were eating all the food up from me. I was in elementary school and junior high. How big did they expect me to be?

I found myself rushing to get out to the car after service, hoping to avoid “fellowshipping,” which typically resulted in my feelings getting hurt. The “get fat diet” seed came from a woman at church. She planted it, and I didn’t even know it. Once, my mother was right there, and snatched me away, telling the woman, “She doesn’t need any kind of diet. She’s fine like she is.” Thanks, Mommy.


My mother always told me there was nothing wrong with me being thin. That I would gain some weight over the course of my adult years. But I didn’t hear her because so many other people were telling me something different. She went above and beyond trying to build up what the enemy, through people, had torn down in her baby.

And then one day…Jesus happened. Thank God for deliverance! God will teach you how to accept and love yourself again. Even after man turns you against yourself and causes you to despise how God created you.

Jessica, the young girl in this video, said something I hope registers with everyone: “Be happy in your own skin, because everyone is different and everyone’s beautiful in their own way.”





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