Girls Too Grown


There was once a time when little girls were little girls. They wore ruffle socks, ribbons, pigtails and pretty dresses. They anticipated the natural stages of life versus rushing into them well before they were ready. They grew up in an appointed time.

Five-year-olds weren’t running around in makeup and high heels singing raunchy lyrics to a song or rap. I am amazed at how many little girls are quick to curse anybody out—kid, adult, dog. But this is 2012. I call these kinds of little girls too grown.

Forget about teen and tween girls vying to be sexy. It’s not just this group; and their entrapment didn’t happen overnight. The dare to be sexy girly movement began long before middle school.

Toddlers and younger elementary school girls quickly learn that to pucker up, blow kisses and stick it out gets applause and, “Oh that’s so cute.” No, I’m not picking on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras. I’m talking about an alarming trend that is destroying the innocence of playing in mommy’s shoes and makeup. That’s child’s play. This is…well, I honestly don’t know what it is. Perversion perhaps? Defilement? But whatever it is, it’s sickening and destroying little girls.

I don’t find fault with the little girls. They are only emulating what they see—what they are being taught. The fault lies with poor role models—in life and the media.

It’s the role models in little girls’ lives who are responsible for establishing limits and training her up the way she should go. There appears to be an absence of boundaries, as if boundaries are a bad thing. (I believe some adults are afraid of boundaries because they have been hurt and confuse them with control.) Boundaries can be protection. They can be a demonstration of self-control, self-respect and concern for others. Alas, we can’t protect our little girls with boundaries because we don’t live with any either. We are free-spirited and anything goes, right?

“Do you, be you, get out of my business, and don’t step on my toes.” Yes. Our frail and faulty philosophies.

We are raising a generation of young girls who believe all of their skin should be on public display, their looks determine their worth, and it is a matter of public policy to hone sex appeal over sharpening the mind and spirit.

We have a lot of little girls who are too grown because of a lot of women who refuse to grow up. (Yes! I went there.) The “I don’t see you because I’m more concerned about me and my issues” mentality.

Where are the virtuous female role models? Wake up and rise up. Your daughter, sister, niece and friend is worth more than the beggarly sex symbol. Let’s not raise sex symbols. Let’s raise the King’s daughters—royalty in the eyes of a Great and Glorious God, Jesus Christ. Girls who know they are beautiful inside and out…with their clothes on. Precious. Not girls who are too grown, but girls who are worthy and live it. It starts with you.

© 2012