Understanding Body Shapes


Body Shapes






What is a body shape?

A body shape consists of the contours and proportions of your body, including the waistline.  Bone structure, muscles and fat all play a part.

There are four basic/traditional shapes used to categorize the shape of a woman’s body: apple, banana, hourglass and pear.

The shapes of women’s bodies can vary beyond the four basic shapes. With this in mind, we’ll focus on six possible body shapes, instead of four.

6 Body Shapes

A Frame (pear, spoon, or bell)

The girl with the A Frame or pear/spoon/bell shape is thinner at the top and carries her weight at the bottom: hips, butt, thighs. The waist and bust are small.

Oval Frame (apple)

Women with apple shaped bodies are bigger on the top half, and smaller on the bottom. Apple shapes carry most of their weight in the abdomen, breast and backside; and typically have thin legs.

Ruler (banana, rectangle, straight)

The ruler shaped girl is equally thin from top to bottom—chest, waist, hips. Usually, girls with this shape have trouble gaining weight.

8 Frame (hourglass)

Ahh…the coveted hourglass shape. The girl with this body shape is symmetrical or proportional from top to bottom. Chest and hips are the same size. The waist is slim and trim (around 10 inches smaller than chest and hips). In other words, the curves are exactly where they should be—the “coke bottle” figure.

H Frame

An H-frame consists of a large waist and shoulders. This shape is blocky or square-looking. Unlike the hourglass, the H-frame lacks symmetry.

V Frame (cone)

The V-frame body sports a large bust, narrow hips and thin legs. The shoulders are wider than the hips. Think wide on top, narrow on bottom. The shape looks like the letter “V.”

Benefits of Knowing Your Body Shape

When you know your body shape you can:

    • Discover styles, clothes and silhouettes that fit and flatter your body shape
    • Learn tips to camouflage figure flaws according to your body shape
    • Adopt an exercise routine specific to your body shape
    • Learn to accept and appreciate your body shape, which may reduce a negative body image

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