How to Layer Clothes in Spring/Summer


Layering clothes is not just for the fall and winter seasons. You can layer in the spring and summer, too. Layering can be especially important if you purchase something that’s a little less modest than you’d like it to be, and would like to find a solution for that. Also, layering can provide a barrier from the sun’s heat.

Layering Pieces

Underneath: camisoles; cap sleeve tees; crew neck tees; fitted t-shirts; lace tees; tank tops; tissue t-shirts; v-neck tees

On top: light-weight, lace and sheer shawls; light cardigans; sheer blouses and button-downs; shrugs; vests; 3/4 or shorter length jackets for spring/summer; (t-shirts can also be worn over tank-tops)

The Art of Layering

You don’t have to be a wardrobe consultant to master the art of layering. You can do it by learning to add layering elements based on:

  • Your body structure (based on 4 basic shapes: apple, banana, hourglass and pear)
  • Fabric color/print
  • Shape of fabric (how it moves: stiff versus fluid)
  • The look you’re going for: feminine, casual, sporty, elegant, business, formal, etc.
  • What you’re trying to camouflage or cover-up
  • Your personality

In order to train your eye so you can become a clothes layering artist, try looking at layering pieces as accessories. If you have a nice lace tee on, do you really need to add a competing necklace? Do you need a bold belt if you’re wearing a long shawl with fringed ends? The key with layering is to not look sloppy or as if you’re trying to hide from the world.

Remember, modesty is always in fashion!

Elements of Layering