What is Modesty?


Class is in session, and it’s time for some Christian personal development coaching. Grab your notebooks and pencils, ladies. Let’s take a look at modesty.

Modesty:  absence of arrogance; appropriateness; clean; chaste; common; consideration for self and others; cultivated; decency; good sense or judgment; G-rated; honor (self and others); humility; innocent; inoffensive; meek; orderly; proper speech, actions, and attire; practical; pure; reasonable; refined; reserved; self-control; seemly; tasteful.

  • Do the things you say, watch, read, listen to, and wear match your responsibility to God, yourself, and others?
  • Do you say what you want to say just because you can?
  • Do you read, watch, and listen to whatever you want to just because it’s available?
  • Do you care about offending others?
  • Do you boast about yourself and your abilities?
  • Do you overeat?
  • Do you dress for attention?
  • Do you dress to attract the opposite sex?

Depending on how you answer these questions, you may or may not be modest. Perhaps you are more modest in some areas of your life than in others. That’s okay, as long as you are striving to grow in modesty and desire God to help you along. All of us need some work done.

Let’s look at some opposites of modesty:

Immodesty/Modesty Antonyms: arrogance; assumption; conceit; condescending; crude; dominating; egotism; excessive; extreme; fancy; haughtiness; highfalutin; loftiness; lordliness; ornate; ostentatious; overconfident; pompous; pride; pretension; snooty; superiority; tacky; tasteless; uppity; unchaste; unclean; vain; vulgar.

Can you see the big difference between modesty and immodesty just by looking at the definitions? Modesty is very becoming and positive. Immodesty is offensive and negative. To find out why the media caters to the immodest lifestyle, read our blog, Sensationalized Immodesty.

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