Kate Spade: Office & School Chic

A fresh school year is drawing near. It’s back to school and back to college! For the girly, yet sophisticated, Kate Spade offers a chic assortment of office and school supplies. This set features gold dots and pink.  Please take note of the phrases on the pencil set. You’ll make a polished statement with expressions such as, so well composed and in a manner of speaking. Enjoy!

Kate Spade: Office & School Chic {Gold Dots}

60 Second Style: Fashionable & Modest Swim Skirt

Never worry about staying modest when it comes to enjoying summer splashes and fun. I’ve searched for fashionable and modest swimwear. Sometimes I see modest, but style is void. Other times, I see style, but modesty is absent.

This modest swimwear/swim skirt by Leelach.com passes the style and modesty test! Yay!

60-Second Style: Raging Waters {Swim Skirt}

Carrot Facial Mask

Carrots are packed with vitamins your body needs. Not only are carrots good for you, they are good on you! This carrot mask can help restore vibrancy to your complexion. A word of caution: use carrot masks in moderation. We don’t want you to turn orange!

Carrot Facial Mask